WhatsApp is invading Zoom’s turf—just as Zoom is facing an AI backlash

Last year, Meta investors were really worried about all their investments but this year’s performance is phenomenal when it comes to Meta’s Whatsapp is growing with its features. To make this news interesting, we would do a Causes model analysis which will help you understand the sequence of events and why one event led to another.

Under the Causes model, check what events have led to what and the outcome of this entire effort.

  • The first point worth mentioning is the rolling out of the picture-to-picture feature for the iOS app 23.3.77 version. With the help of this feature, you can access any of the apps including Whatsapp without quitting the video feed on the call. It was a very important addition to attracting people’s attention as most of us don’t want to lose our video feeds even when we have to browse some other apps in an emergency.
  • Another Whatsapp feature that makes a difference is the ability to hold your Whatsapp video calls now in landscape mode. Earlier, being in the portrait mode hindered people, rather than more people from fitting the frame.
  • The next feature of Whatsapp which changed everything was the ability to share your screen. This feature made a huge difference as sharing your screen could mean making life better for many.
  • The final blow comes with Zoom expanding their terms and conditions with their users intimating to them that they would be using user’s data to train their AIs. This led to many people filing a case against them. Right now Zoom stands sued by many. However, this very step has given Whatsapp a chance to open up more options to its viewers.
  • Next, Whatsapp is also adding a feature where people would have the ability to caption their documents for both their iOS and Android apps.
  • Again, to make it as massive as possible, they also announced they are testing another feature where a user can send 100 pictures or documents at a shot. It was introduced on iOS and has now moved on to Android.

There is no doubt that Whatsapp’s popularity is soon going to soar high.

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It works coupled with their status-related features

  • Voice updates will happen easily
  • Giving status reactions to emojis
  • Rich link previews through status are possible
  • You can now choose people who can view your update.
  • Also rings around profile pictures will be possible whenever they will upload a new status.

Whatsapp is growing and is used by 2.7 billion people and Zoom is used by 300 million people altogether. If Whatsapp has to become the next best video conferencing tool will it be able to replace Zoom or will Zoom use AI technology to create something that will change their fate in the market?

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