Instagram Group Mention Feature for Stories to Launch Soon: All Details

We all are regularly posting on Instagram and if you are also doing it, you will know the problems that arise from it. When you are trying to tag a person, it’s just fine but when you are trying to tag many of them, it becomes an issue.

Instagram knows it for quite a long time but they have now found a way to solve it. If you want to understand more about it, here is a news article on it.

The group mention feature which they are testing involves tagging more than one person all at once. This way it wouldn’t look the way it looks when you tag more than one person together in a photo- clumsy.

Just a single mention and tag as many people as you want with this new Instagram group tag feature. It’s all that easy and comfortable and it won’t look crammed the moment someone touches the photo.

Also, not just one person can tag a group, whoever, want to share the story can also tag that entire friends group. If someone is on a summer trip, include everyone in the group and there is nothing more you will need to do.

It might also mean you have to create a group by entering every handle one by one but just for once. But now, you will no longer need to mention each individual again and again and there is absolutely no need to tag each one one by one.

Adam Mosseri has confirmed the same and has also posted about the coming of the new feature.

Once the clutter reduces, your Instagram stories will have more viewing space. Also, everytime you don’t need to remember everyone’s name and Instagram handle to do so.

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What else is new on Instagram?

Apart from this feature, Instagram also plans to launch another feature for their Instagram users.

People can add photos and videos to their existing posts hereon. Now, this is a truly amazing feature that people really need to focus on. How many times we all have felt like adding more photos or videos to our old existing stuff.

If that can be the case, most of us will surely go back to adding n number of photos to every other post.

With both these features coming together, it is hugely essential to understand the best of them. How they can serve your Instagram life better is one of the best things to understand and all will need to go ahead acclimatize themselves to these changes.

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