Google Chrome App Introduces Four New Features

Searching options are the least people would care to improve but not Google who is going the extra mile to even add features for these. Next time you first your browser, do not forget to look for these four search options. In this news piece, we mention each separately and tell you more about them and how or what you can do with them.

G Chrome App with four New Search Features

A must-know point is that all these four features will work for Android whereas only two of them will work for iOS as of now.

Also, having the latest Chrome version is a must if you wish to take advantage of all four new search features. An old version will not let you enjoy these four new search features.

First search change: Relevant search suggestions

According to Google, whenever next time, you will search using the search option, you can do a lot more with it.

Earlier, we would put up a search term and while writing, auto suggest was used to suggest us different facts and topics around the one we were typing.

Now, what you do is type whatever you want to search on your search tab. Once you get the results, you will next need to go and tap on the search bar again. With this tap, you will find out more options around your search area.

For example, if someone is searching for a trip to a place, you will be able to search for hotels to stay, places to visit, and best cuisines from the drop down which appears when you click on the search bar.

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Second search option: Trending searches

Based on the open web page in front of you, you can find out the trending search suggestions with Google now.

What you have to do is, scroll below, and at the bottom of it all, they will show you a list of what is trending about or around the page you’ve opened in front of you.

This feature will be available to iOS users anytime soon.

Third search option: Touch to search

When you are reading something on your Google Chrome screen, you can touch any word or phrase to select it. Immediately, you will get to see a few options with the selection and wherever the cursor is.

  • You can see a copy option, share, select all options, and three vertical dots alongside.
  • But now if you scroll below the page where it ends, you will see options around that term. 
  • You can click on them and start searching for them from these searchable options.

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Fourth search option facilitation: More search suggestions

Earlier, you could see six search suggestions in the bar but now you will see 10 search suggestions as soon as you start searching through the options.

If you find the match, you can move ahead with the search by selecting the option. It is already happening with Android and is soon to start happening even on iOS devices.

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