How to Change back to the old Twitter app icon on iOS?

The world is divided over Twitter’s symbol now. Earlier Twitter was the get-to-point whenever something was interesting to catch or mention. But now with the coming of Elon Musk and X, things have gone back to the older days when people are still deciding if they yet like the symbol X.

Some say it’s cool, modernistic, short, and comfortable to deal with, very much the Z generation. But some still have trouble adjusting to it. What do you like or are you one of those who take a long time to come out of your comfort zone?

You can go back to the Twitter bird logo if you miss it already. The iOS users already have been able to download X now. It has a new tagline if you have observed it on iOS, it is called, ‘Blaze your glory.’ From now on, the term tweets will not be used instead they will be called as posts. They also plan to call re-tweets as reposts. 

Now, iOS users can also change their device’s X logo to the old Twitter bird logo if they want to.

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How to Change Twitter App Icon?

  • Visit the Shortcuts app from the iOS device and then move to the + icon from the top right corner of your device’s screen.
  • Name your shortcut and then press the Add Action tab. 
  • Open the app next, and press on the App tab.
  • Try to locate your X app from the list and after choosing the X, select the down-facing arrow from the screen top.
  • Press on the Add to Home Screen tab, chose the icon, and then click on the choose photo option.
  • Search for Twitter’s old logo and then click on the image icon to select it. Press the add tab to add your image icon.

 What users need to know is even though your screen image will change, the user interface will remain the same and it will remain unchanged.

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Apart from the disadvantage of having the user interface with the same logo, you must retain the app you used to make the new Twitter icon. If you uninstall the app you used to create the logo, the new logo will easily come back again.

Alternatively, you can also download an icon pack and a launcher for changing the individual logo. Additionally, some people are preventing automatic app updates to prevent from losing the old Twitter app icon logo. Find out more about what or how you can change the X logo if you are still attached to the Tweety bird inside here.

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