iOS 16 Lock Screen: How to Change & Customize Lock Screen?

Apple has incorporated multiple customizable alternatives to give a unique appearance to iPhone or iPad in its latest version. The iOS version 16 allows you to customize colors, photos, emojis, create stickers, and more on its lock screen. Anything that can enhance your experience with the lock screen wallpapers is available on iOS 16. Apart from built-in wallpapers, users can now easily customize them how they want. As a result, they can give an impressive outlook to their lock screen.

They say that the lock screen wallpapers sometimes reflect the owner’s personality. Apple understands the notion and has focused on improving the lock screen display. 

Here’s how you can also customize your lock screen in iOS 16 and flaunt your creativity. Continue reading this article to learn about the latest updates of the lock screen in iOS 16 version.

How to change the lock screen on iOS 16?

iOS 16 Lock Screen

Although it is not something new when it comes to changing the lock screen in an iPhone, the latest updates have made some improvements. The in-built lock screen wallpapers are available in numerous forms. 

The process of changing the lock screen is comparatively similar to the earlier versions. However, there are the latest changes in this version of iOS that iPhone owners should know. Here’s the step-by-step method to change the lock screen on iOS 16.

Learn to change the lock screen via settings:

  • Unlock the setting app on your iPhone. Click on Wallpaper and then ‘Add New Wallpaper.’
  • A menu will pop up on the display once you click on Add New Wallpaper. Here you will see some Featured Wallpapers and a variety of lock screen wallpapers based on weather, emojis, colors, and astronomy. 
  • Select your preferred lock screen wallpaper—for example, Weather. iPhone shows you how the lock screen will look after the change. 
  • Also, press the Time if you wish to play with the colors in the ‘Time’ box. A new menu will allow you to tweak the color schemes.
  • If the font of the time doesn’t seem pleasing to you, you can also customize that. Tap on the ‘Globe’ icon, and various attractive fonts will open up.
  • Swipe through the colors and fonts until you find the perfect one for your Time box. 
  • Finally, tap on ‘Add’ to adjust everything from color to the font. For confirmation, the phone will ask whether you want to enable the lock screen and home screen wallpaper. Respond in affirmation. 

Change the wallpaper via lock screen only:

Changing the lock screen wallpaper on the lock screen itself is very easy. The iPhone allows you to change it while it’s locked. 

  • Long press the lock screen. A customization menu will appear. 
  • Now, the existing or the lock screen wallpapers you set earlier can be seen. You can select from them or click on the ‘+‘ icon for new wallpaper. 
  • A similar menu will pop up on the screen on Settings, and the rest of the steps are the same. 

Voila! You have successfully changed the lock screen wallpaper in iOS 16 and even added some cool customizations.

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How to edit the lock screen on iOS 16?

Revamp the lock screen game and be as creative as you wish by editing the wallpapers in iOS 16. The multiple personalizations allow you to play with backgrounds, widgets, color combinations, and emojis. If you want to flaunt your pictures on the lock screen, you can choose to apply filters or blur the background a bit. 

You can play with the live weather backgrounds showing the current weather on your lock screen. If you find keeping one wallpaper monotonous, iOS 16 has a solution. Create multiple lock screens and switch accordingly.

Here’s how you can edit the lock screen in iOS 16 and make it look more catchy and soothing to the eyes:

  • Go to the settings app and select wallpaper. There, you will see the ‘Add New Wallpaper’ option. 
  • Now, the number of customization tools to tweak the wallpaper will appear. Click on the icons at the top as per your preferences, such as photos, people, emoji, weather, astronomy, color, and collections. 
  • The customizations are very easy. You can change the in-built wallpapers and add more elements to the lock screen.

What will appear on the lock screen when you choose the following:

  • Astronomy wallpapers: It will show you views of planets, the solar system, and space. The lock screen appears gorgeous with the astronomy wallpapers.
  • Weather wallpapers: Your lock screen background will change regularly at intervals and indicate the current Weather. The Weather appears the same as in your location.
  • Emoji wallpaper: Tap the emoji icon you wish to set on your lock screen on the lower left. Now, your wallpaper will look like an emoji keypad. It seems adorable. You can quickly delete the existing emoji to set another.
  • Pride and Unity wallpapers: You can select the pride flag on the lock screen or create your own color palette supporting pride and unity. Click on the circle at the lower left and adjust the colors.
  • Dynamic wallpapers: These wallpapers look beautiful as it allows you to switch by swiping left or right. Choose from light and dark color tones. You will now have a shuffling lock screen.  

How to customize the lock screen iOS 16?

In the earlier version of the iOS, there were fewer customization options for the lock screen. Also, the existing options were vague. Now, Apple has kicked it up a notch and brought attractive personalization options to the lock screen.

Give your iPhone a personal touch by personalizing everything that appears on the lock screen. Here are some ways that suggest you how to customize the lock screen in iOS 16:

  1. Time and date:
  • Long press on the screen and go to customize the lock screen. Now, the settings to change the wallpaper will display on the screen.  
  • By clicking on the plus button, several customizable options will pop up.  
  • Click on the existing time font. Now, the list of colors and fonts will pop up. Select what you like. If you lack color options, tap on a color scheme for more fun colors.
  • Once you have selected the color and font, tap the ‘x’ icon. You need to click on Done to update the changes you just made. 

2. Calendar: The calendar on the lock screen shows you the date or any upcoming event you have scheduled. Here’s how you can customize it.

  • Go to ‘Wallpaper’ in the settings app and click on ‘Add the new wallpaper.’ 
  • A menu will pop up that shows widgets. It contains a calendar. Click on it. 
  • You can easily update your upcoming event and change its font and color. 

3. Photo shuffle: The customizable photo shuffle makes your lock screen change the selected wallpapers. 

  • Go to the Photo shuffle option. 
  • Now, easily adjust the bar to change the shuffle frequency. Once selected, click on ‘Customize.’
  • More further to select the ellipsis tab present at the bottom right corner. There you can update at what intervals your lock screen should change. 
  • At the end, click on ‘Done’ to save changes.

How to add the widget to the lock screen?

Your lock screen includes widgets such as date, calendar, weather, time, and alarm. You can insert all these widgets and make your lock screen wallpaper informative. Also, the tone, fonts, and color schemes are adjustable. Adding the widgets highlights the wallpaper and looks compatible with the background. 

Let’s look at how you can customize your lock screen wallpaper’s widgets:

  • Go to the settings app and click on Wallpaper. After selecting ‘Add New Wallpaper’, scroll down, and you will see the ‘Add Widgets’ option. Tap on it.
  • You will see a list of widgets such as time, date, weather, battery, alarm, stock market updates, and air quality index. Click on everything you want to insert. 
  • Once you click on them, the font and color-changing options will appear on the screen. Adjust the bar for more color gradient options. For example, tap the time option and select your favorite colors and font like ‘Devanagari.’
  • You can replace the time with other content like fitness reminders, stock news, weather forecasting, or quotes. To do so, click on the pane of the content you wish to change and tap on replace. Your time will now change to another element. 
  • Click on the widget and then ‘modify’ to adjust the colors and font.
  • Select the element to delete the existing widget and click on ‘Delete.’ 
  • Complete the process by clicking on ‘Done’ and move ahead to witness your new funky yet informative lock screen.

The widgets are helpful as they deliver necessary information. For example, if you are in the stock market and need regular updates, add the stock widget to get its status whenever you want.

Follow the above steps to achieve a fantastic lock screen enriched with widgets.

How to set the lock screen on an iPhone?

Now, setting up the lock screen on iPhone is more fun as various customizable options are introduced. You can insert a widget, shuffle your photos, adjust playback controls, and personalized media. Also, the customizations are available in detail as the iOS 16 allows you to change the color tone and font. You have the opportunity to rock the appearance of the lock screen entirely. 

Do you know that it is essential to set a perfect lock screen wallpaper as people first catch a glimpse of your lock screen?

Here’s the process to set the lock screen on iPhone in the first place to insert customizations:

  • Open the setting app available on the home screen of the iPhone. 
  • Now, search for Wallpaper and click on ‘Choose a new wallpaper.’ 
  • You need to select the location of the wallpaper, i.e. gallery, camera, or in-built wallpapers. 
  • Choose your preference and click on the photo you wish appears on the lock screen. 
  • The iPhone gives you the opportunity to scale your lock screen wallpaper. So, you can slide or pinch to zoom. This way, you can frame the lock screen according to your liking. Before finalizing the lock screen, you can look at the preview. 
  • In the next step, click on ‘Set.’
  • If you want the same lock screen wallpaper to appear on the home screen, set it on ‘Both.’ Else, you can leave it to lock the screen only.
  • Once everything is completed, click on ‘Done’ and your changes will be saved. 

In these simple steps, your lock screen wallpaper will be set and ready to rock. Keep it personal and customize to give it a great appearance.


In a nutshell, Apple serves iPhone and iPad users to customize the lock screen that suits their personality. Also, the lock screen is the first thing you see while picking up your phone, so completely personalizing it gives satisfaction. Implement all your creativity and enhance it by inserting informative widgets. Set the color tone that reflects your mood. There’s a lot to discover with the latest lock screen updates in iOS 16!


Can I customize my lock screen on iOS 16?

The new update of iOS 16 focuses in detail on providing compelling lock screen customizations. For example, you can create a customizable lock screen with exciting color combinations and fonts. In addition, you can insert widgets, emojis, set dynamic wallpapers, and much more.

Can you have a different lock and home screen on iOS 16?

It is possible to maintain a different lock and home screen wallpapers in the new version. When you set the wallpaper in the settings app, it asks whether you want to update the selected one on both the lock and home screen. Choose according to your liking.

What are lock screen widgets?

Lock screen widgets are elements you wish to insert on your screen to make it look more informative. These widgets are time, date, Weather, battery status, alarm, stock market news, and calendar. It is helpful as it gives you essential information without unlocking the phone.

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