How to get bank confirmation letter on Capitec app?

Most of us need a bank confirmation letter to show our account exists. It also proves your line of credit and also the existence of loans. It also vouches confirming that the individual associated with the Capitec Bank is a particular individual, company, or a certain organization. It also proves that the person is eligible to borrow funds if in need if required for a specific purpose.

What is a bank confirmation letter Capitec?

The Capitec Bank Confirmation letter confirms a bank account exists for a particular individual and also provides information about the customer. If you open a bank account, you know you have opened a bank account but other people need proof more than your bank passbook and checkbook. To do so, you need to request the bank to release a confirmation letter. When you show anyone this letter, they will know you are a bonafide customer of that particular bank.

When will you need a bank confirmation letter apart from establishing your credit line?

  • A BCL establishes your credit line.
  • To complete any kind of purchase, a BCL can stand proof.
  • Business customers who need to prove they are credit-worthy must use a BCL.
  • Companies when entering a joint venture with any other company will need a BCL
  • When buying land or a home, a BCL must be submitted by the individual.

How to get bank confirmation letter on Capitec app?

bank confirmation letter Capitec app

You can also directly get a confirmation letter through your Capitec app.

  1. You need to opt for the save option and add your remote secret PIN to sign in.
  2. Select your account and then choose the tab email statement.
  3. Choose the date range and then also choose the email address.
  4. Click on the send button to email the statement to your email ID specified.

How to get Capitec bank confirmation letter?

To get a Capitec Confirmation letter, you can resort to the following;

  1. Capitec Bank app
  2. Internet Banking

Call the customer care center at 0860102043 or go through a branch.

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How to download bank confirmation letter Capitec app?

To download the confirmation letter from the Capitec app, here is what one needs to do.

  • Sign into the Capitec app and choose the account for which you would want the bank letter.
  • From the three dots choose Send Account Details option.
  • Choose either SMS or emails as an option for receive the details. If an email is sent to you, you will get the option to receiving the details. If you want an SMS, you will get a link to retrieve the details and information.


Here is everything about the Capitec Bank accounts you need to understand if you want to retrieve a BCL from your side. Capitec Banks allows BCL through the app and online sources

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