Does Dollar general accept apple pay (Complete Guide)?

Have you any information about the dollar general? It determined that you can easily save your money at Dollar general with the help of a variety of bargains that they provided. This is why most people like to shop there, due to a lot of bargains available at dollar general.

There are over 18000 dollar general stores across the 47 states. It means there are many chances of stores near you where you can buy various items at fair prices. You can easily find beauty products, groceries, household essentials, and many more at Dollar general.

Does Dollar General accept Apple pay? Apple Pay is a great payment system and digital wallet that permits you to pay for various things in less time, with your security and at your convenience. It is one of the best mobile payment services from apple inc. that allow users to easily make payments in Ios apps, in person, or on the web also.

So, Apple pay is overall great, but does Dollar general accept it? Many retailers accept Apple pay as a valid payment option, whereas many retailers do not accept it. If you are interested in using apple pay to make purchases, you should know how many retailers accept apple pay.

Here we are talking about dollar generals. Read the complete article to know whether Dollar general accepts apple pay.

Does Dollar general accept apple pay 2022?

The clear answer is no. Dollar General does not take apple pay as a valid payment system. In July 2020, the company dollar general said on Twitter that some stores were updated to accept apple pay, but it will later appear as the company does not accept apple pay in its stores.

Instead of it, Dollar general preferred to use their mobile wallet, named DG GO, which lets the customers shop and make payments by using their phones. The major reason why Dollar general does not accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment is that they already have their payment app, DG GO.

Instead of using Apple pay and other payment methods, Dollar general likes to promote its digital payment methods. It means they only inspire and allow their customers to use their payment wallet, DG GO, to make purchases.

How do I use Apple Pay at Dollar general?

dollar pay

You can easily make payments at Dollar General through your iPhone. Even Apple Pay is not accepted at Dollar General, and you can still use your iPhone by downloading the DG GO app on your device.

First, ensure to check whether the Dollar general score nearby you accept the DG GO payment systems or not, only after you move towards using the iPhone to shop at dollar general. As there is no way to apply at dollar general, you only have the option to use DG GO while making payments at the general dollar store. Here are the steps for using the DG GO in the store.

  1. Download the DG GO app on your iPhone.

First, you have to download the DG Go app on your iPhone. Before this, you should check at the general dollar site whether your local store supports the DG GO app.

Once you are sure that the general dollar store supports the DG GO app, you should download this app on your iPhone.

  1. Make the DG GO account.

You must make a general dollar account on the DG GO app to get the digital coupons to make purchases. For this, you have to give some of your basic information, and add the payment methods and card details, to become ready for shopping at the general dollar store.

  1. Scan items

Then, you must scan the products you want to buy from the general dollar store. The best thing is that the scanning option allows the DG GO app to keep an eye on your shopping budget.

  1. Checkout

At the DG Go app, you will find a different checkout area that supports it. When you are ready for checkout after selecting the items for the shop, you have to click on the checkout button on the DG GO app. It will then provide you with a QR Code to scan.

QR code proceeds with your payments and sends you a receipt after successfully making the payments.  

  1. Bag and Go

After you get a receipt and notification from the DG GO app, you can bag your products with the next bags to your iPhone. In this way, the DG GO app saves you time.

Does Dollar General take apple wallets?

It is determined that Dollar General does not support any third-party mobile wallet. It means you cannot use apple wallet, google wallet, etc., on dollar general. The only mobile wallet that Dollar general accepts is DG GO. Besides this, you can also use PayPal on online dollar general stores.

But currently, Dollar General does not accept any third-party mobile wallets, like Apple wallets. So, you can use your apple wallet to purchase at the general dollar store.

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Dollar general payment methods

As it is clear that Dollar General does not accept Apple pay. Dollar General accepts some other payment methods. You can pay in personal checks and cash at the general dollar stores. This store also allows its customers to use the major credit cards at a store like

  • Mastercard
  • American Express card
  • Visa
  • Discover

Dollar General at their stores also accepts PayPal payment systems. Asides from checks and cash, you can easily use any of the above methods to make payments in store of dollar general. However, there is no layaway plan to accept the applied pay by Dollar general.

Along with the above-mentioned methods, the most recommended payment mode for customers is DG GO, owned by Dollar general store. But every store dollar general does not support the DG GO, so you should check first whether your local stores support this payment system before using it.


How much time does it take to pay with apple pay on dollar general?

Dollar General does not accept Apple Pay to pay for store purchases. So, it is impossible to tell how much it takes to pay in dollars through Apple pay.

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