Gomercury.com Pre Approved Application [2024-Updated]

Gomercury.com is an insurance company, and its cards are accepted on over 40 million different sites. Mercury supports even non-US residents, and this makes the bank a decent option for many. It helps create a checking account in less than 15 minutes, allots a debit card like regular banks, and provides cash flow analytics.

gomercury.com pre approved application reservation code

How to Get the www.gomercury.com reservation code?

The www.gomercury.com reservation code online is available in your offer letter. You can alternately go to the website and generate the activation code. 

Enter your last name, last four digits of the SSN, and zip code in the space provided. Now, click on the Apply today option.

To activate the reservation code, add it in the given space and the last four digits of the SSN. Further click on the Apply Today option.

How to Apply for Mercury Mastercard?

To apply for a Mercury Mastercard, you need to get an invitation from someone. Once you’re invited you are given a reference code. Complete these four different steps to end the application process.

  • Spot your reservation code in the invitation mail sent and keep it with you.
  • Add and activate your reservation code.
  • Once done, you would move forward towards filling out an application form: basic identifying information, financial information, and other miscellaneous details.
  • After you submit the application form online, you will have to upload documents about your financial status.
  • Within 4-5 days, you will know if a card in your name is approved.

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What are Application Requirements?

Your application requirements include EIN (Employer Identification Number) documents. EIN is available on Form 147c, Form CP575, and a filled-up SS-4 form. You will also have to submit a government ID issued by the United States and an LLC document and its address.

Pre-Approved Gomercury Mastercard Benefits

Go Mercury Mastercard has several benefits which work in its favor.

  • You have complete access to FICO (Fair, Isaac, and Company) score. 
  • The report is sent to all three centralized bureaus.
  • If your card is stolen or lost, you do not incur a fraud liability.
  • One need not pay an annual fee for having the Mastercard.

Gomercury.com Reviews

The card is unsecured and is one of those few cards that does not trouble its bearers by charging an annual maintenance fee. Additionally, the card gives access to FICO scores and has high APRs.

The card is a product of the Credit shop that has taken off a large portion of Barclays portfolio, mainly the credit cards of people with average or bad credit scores. So, it shares ownership and is not purchased by Barclay.

It is a decent option to consider for non-US residents.

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Is Gomercury.com Legit?

It is legit and helps average credit scorers use the card to boost their score responsibly.


This is all about the GoMercury Mastercard. If you are a non-US resident searching for a suitable card option, you can consider the GoMercury Mastercard for use. Every Mastercard has its pros and cons so does this card. Therefore, check a little about the information shared in this article to go for this option.

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