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Seva Sindhu Shakti Smart Card 2024 Apply Online: Travelling by bus was a ticketing process, and everyone had to buy their tickets. The same is true for railways and air services. Metropolitan cities and megacities have the largest number of travellers who take the bus daily. Almost half of these travellers are women.

Recently, BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) and Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah brought together a scheme that goes by the name of the Shakti scheme.

Under this scheme, female travellers will be able to travel for free. Yes, you heard it right!

Women passengers will no longer require a ticket if they have the Shakti Smart Card with them.

The card registration has already begun, and if you are in Bengaluru and wish to access the free travel offer on government buses, this would be your golden chance to file for the Shakti Smart Card.

Learn more about the newly launched card in this article.

Shakti Smart Card

What is Seva Sindhu Shakti Smart Card?

The Siddaramaiah government estimates that almost 1.2 crore women would benefit from this special scheme. The guidelines for the Shakti scheme have already been issued. It was, in fact, one of the key election strategies put forth by the Congress for the recently held Karnataka elections.

The Shakti Smart Card will work on normal government buses. It means that other than the excluded bus types, any woman can travel for free on the other government buses. Also, the scheme is inapplicable to all those buses travelling interstate to and from Karnataka.

Also, 50% of seats in every ordinary bus and express bus of KSRTC, NWKRTC, and KKRTC will be reserved for men.

Where women get to travel ticketless, men get to enjoy reserved seats in all the aforementioned buses under this scheme.

Main aim of the Card

The primary aim of the issuance of the Seva Shakti Sindhu smart card is to make travel easier for women. The card will save time, as women no longer need to stand in queues or crowd around the driver for tickets.

While taking a ticket on a travelling bus is a nuance on its own, Even when tickets are issued by conductors, standing travellers in the bus, especially women, face a hard time tending to their ticket issuance calls. Going forward, all they need to do is flash the badge, and they no longer need to worry about anything else.

How to apply for Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card application?

Here are a few quick steps a woman needs to take to apply for the Seva Shakti Sindhu Smart Card.

  • For the Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card application, start by clicking on this link.
  • You will need to register and then sign in to the Shakti Smart Card site.
  • Next, move to the Seva Sindhu Shakti Smart Card tab from the homepage of the website.
  • Incorporate your Aadhar number, mobile number, email ID, name, address, and identity card details.
  • Upload all details and documents and wait for a while, after which the Seva Sindhu Shakti Smart Card will open up in the form of a PDF file.
  • Next, download the PDF and take a printout of it.

Who is Eligible for Shakti Smart Card?

To meet the eligibility criteria, you will need to fulfill these;

  • Women and transgender travelers are only allowed to have this card.
  • Only women from Karnataka can apply for the card.
  • Female students can also apply for the card and can easily shift from their previous student schemes to this one.

What documents are required?

These are a few documents one will need to provide when applying for the Seva Shakti Smart card.

  • You must upload your Aadhar card and PAN card.
  • Add your latest photograph
  • Your state domicile certificate will need to be uploaded.
  • Age certificate
  • Ration card

What buses are allowed?

This is the list of buses where the Seva Sindhu Shakti scheme is allowed;

  • Karnataka State Road Transportation Corporation (KSRTC)
  • Kalyana Karnataka Road Transportation Corporation (KKRTC).
  • Northwest Road Transportation Corporation (NWRTC)
  • Bengaluru Metropolitan Transportation Corporation (BMTC)

Which buses are not allowed?

Here is a list of buses which are not allowed to be a part of the Seva Shakti scheme.

  • Interstate buses
  • Airavat,
  • Airavata Club Class,
  • Airavata Gold Class,
  • Ambari,
  • Ambari Dream Class,
  • Ambari Utsav,
  • Fly Bus,
  • Vayu Vajra,
  • Vajra,
  • Non AC & AC Sleeper,
  • Rajahansa and
  • EV Power plus AC buses.
  • Luxury buses

How to check Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card application status?

Once you are in the government portal, scroll down and search for the application status tab.

Seva Sindhu App

Click on the tab that reads track your application status and in the next screen, look for the track your application status tab on the right hand side.

Seva Sindhu application

On the next page that opens up, you will need to choose an option to track your application. Either go with the application reference number or try the OTP/Application details.

Fill out the captcha and then submit your request.

Shakti Smart card

After completing the formalities, you will be able to see your application status. Usually, the Shakti card is instantly generated. All you need to do is fill out the application and submit the documents.

Once you are done submitting the application which does not require any monetary emoluments, you will have to wait safely for the smart card.

After checking the application status, you might have to take a few steps if instructed to do so.


Here are the several direct and indirect benefits one can have from having this card as a woman

  1. Women can easily travel by bus and will no longer have to get a ticket.
  2. It will also prove that the women are from Karnataka.
  3. A person’s gender, address, and name will clearly be flashed on the badge.
  4. Free travel without having to make bus passes and so on is an advantage for those travelling up to 20 km. Some other sites also claim there is no fixed distance which would be allowed and women can travel any number of kilometers but there still needs to be some clarity on it.

Contact details

Try using these numbers to contact them in case of queries or issues: 08022279954, 8792662814, or 8792662816.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to get the card?

It can take as long as three months to get the Shakti Smart Card.

Can you travel in all buses for free with the card?

No, you cannot travel on every bus free of charge but only on a few chosen ones like the BMTC, KSRTC, KKRTC, and NWRTC buses.

Is there a limit to travel for free under the card?

You can travel upto 20 km with the Shakti Smart Card with you. Also some sites claim there are no distance restrictions and a woman can travel any number of kilometers every day provided they are within the state. But there still needs to have some clarity on it.


There are four prominent promises Congress has made in the state during the election, of which one is already taking shape. The others revolve around unemployment benefits for the youth, Rs. 2000 for women heads of families, and so on.

This scheme will bring some relief to women who use the government commuter system to travel to their schools, colleges, and job stations. Especially if their job centres are located within twenty kilometers up and down (unconfirmed), it can be a boon for the women holding Karnataka domicile. Read more about what the Seva Sindhu Shakti smart card offers and how you can get it.

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