How to Use Xbox Resolver App [2024] -Benefits, Features

xbox resolver website

This site appeals to those searching for a real-time Gamertag resolver. They can feature this application in iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Windows 10. 

The developers of application Xbox Resolver have made a companion for the Xbox video game. This application can grant permission for accessing remote control techniques, community features of Xbox Live, and second screen formality. 

There is an additional feature served by this application for Windows 10. It can serve as a PC game launcher, which provides admittance to the screen recording functions of the system.  

Why should you use Application Xbox Resolver?

There are several features of the all-new and updated Xbox resolver application that will probably convince you to make a room for this application in your device. These include:

  • They have made it easy for the users to get access to their activity feed through this application
  • They have made it helpful for their users by allowing permission to socialize with friends and chat with them through this application
  • Users can save their Game DVR clips and manage their party 
  • Browsing of One Guide has become easier with the use of this Xbox Resolver
  • They have made it easy to get second screen integration of other applications and games through this app
  • They have made it easier for the users to use this application as a remote control

How to use xbox application?

The link will redirect you to a page where you can conveniently use this application. 

Install App

Once you will click on this link, you will go to a page. There you will find a search section where you may enter your Gamertag. Then press the search tap and they will instantly return you to the IP Address.

Precaution: You cannot blacklist yourself. Since there is an IP History, people attempting to blacklisting cannot do. It is better to avoid it as they may scam you. 

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