Register on Nivesh Mitra App and Download Certificate/Noc

Nivesh Mitra is an initiative by the Government of Uttar Pradesh aimed at facilitating investment in the state. It’s an online portal or mobile application designed to provide information and assistance to businessmen who are interested in investing or setting up businesses in Uttar Pradesh.

The app offers services like information about policies, regulations, procedures, and various incentives available for investors. It’s part of the government’s efforts to streamline the investment process, make it more transparent, and attract more investment to the state.

Register Nivesh Mitra App

Nivesh Mitra Fee Payment:

The app facilitates secure online fee payment for various services, eliminating the need for manual transactions and paperwork.

How to register on Nivesh Mitra App?

  1. Know your Approvals
  2. Check Comprehensive list of Approvals
  3. Registration & Account Activation
  4. Fill Common Application Form
  5. Apply for NOC/License
  6. Pay Consolidated Fee
  7. Download Issued Certificate

Registration Process in Nivesh Mitra App:

Know your Approvals:

Before initiating the registration process, investors can explore and understand the approvals process required for their specific investment activities through the Nivesh Mitra app.

Check Comprehensive List of Approvals:

The app provides investors with approvals and permits required for various types of investments, helping them prepare and plan accordingly.

Registration & Account Activation:

Investors can register and create accounts on the Nivesh Mitra app. For account activation, they need to pass through a simple verification process.

Fill Common Application Form:

Upon successful registration, investors can fill out a common application form provided by the Nivesh Mitra app, containing necessary details and information about their investment proposals.

Apply for NOC/License:

Depending on the nature of their investments, investors need to apply for No Objection Certificates (NOCs) or licenses through the app.

Nivesh Mitra Registration Fee:

The app facilitates online payment of consolidated fees associated with various approvals and permits. The app provides a hassle-free and transparent transaction process.

Download Issued Certificate:

Once the necessary approvals are obtained and fees are paid, investors can download the issued certificates and documents directly from the Nivesh Mitra app.

How to Download Certificate from Nivesh Mitra?

Once an investment proposal is approved, investors can easily download certificates and documents related to their projects directly from the Nivesh Mitra app.

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Login to your account using credentials.
  3. After login, visit the dashboard.
  4. You will see the certificate option there.
  5. Tap on it to download the Nivesh Mitra App certificate.

Nivesh Mitra Application Status Check

Investors can track the status of their applications and proposals in real-time through the Nivesh Mitra app, enabling them to stay updated on the progress of their projects.

Features & Benefits:

Key Features and Functions:

Comprehensive Information Repository:

One of the standout features of the Nivesh Mitra app is its extensive database of information regarding investment opportunities, government policies, regulations, and incentives available in Uttar Pradesh.

User-Friendly Interface:

The app boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for investors to navigate and find relevant information quickly.

Single Sign-On Technology:

By using single sign-on technology, the Nivesh Mitra app allows users to access multiple services and applications in one place.

Online Availability of Application Procedures, Checklists, Fees & Timelines:

Investors can conveniently access application procedures, checklists, fee structures, and timelines online through the Nivesh Mitra app, enabling them to plan and prepare their investment proposals effectively.

Online Application Status Tracking:

The app provides investors with the ability to track the status of their applications and proposals in real-time, empowering them to stay informed about the progress of their projects.

Automated SMS/Email Notifications on Each Stage of Application Processing:

Investors receive automated SMS or email notifications at each stage of application processing, keeping them updated and informed about the status of their submissions.

Inter-Department Information Sharing:

The Nivesh Mitra app facilitates information sharing among different government departments involved in the investment process, promoting coordination and collaboration for efficient service delivery.

Centralized Information Availability:

The app centralizes information related to investment opportunities, policies, regulations, and incentives. This makes access easy for investors and government officials alike.

Real-time Data Analytics/Dashboards/MIS for Stakeholders at District Level:

Stakeholders, including government officials and investors, can access real-time data analytics, dashboards, and management information systems (MIS) at the district level. This helps in informed decision-making and performance monitoring.

Comprehensive Grievance Management System/ChatBot:

The Nivesh Mitra app features a comprehensive grievance management system and chatbot functionality. It allows investors to lodge complaints, seek assistance, and receive prompt resolution to their issues.

Automated Feedback System:

Investors can provide feedback on their experience with the Nivesh Mitra app and the investment process through an automated feedback system.

Notification Module for Departments/Applicants:

The app includes a notification module that notifies both government departments and applicants about important updates, announcements, and deadlines related to investment activities.

Real-time Escalation Mechanism:

In cases where issues or delays arise during the application process, the app has a real-time escalation mechanism to ensure timely resolution and escalation of concerns to higher authorities if necessary.

Incentive Management System:

The Nivesh Mitra app incorporates an incentive management system to facilitate the administration and disbursement of incentives and benefits offered to investors as part of government policies and schemes.


In conclusion, the Nivesh Mitra app signifies Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to enhancing the ease of doing business. The Nivesh Mitra app has the potential to become a game-changer in India’s investment landscape, attracting more businesses and creating job opportunities in Uttar Pradesh.

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