Which is the best milk delivery app in Bangalore? (Quick Guide)

Milk is essential in the daily routine of people of all ages. With the increase in adulteration, it is tough to find pure milk. Thanks to apps available between us that provide people with fresh farm milk, vegetables, and fruits.

Many great apps provide delivery to your doorstep. During the pandemic, such apps were more in demand when people struggled to leave their homes and buy milk from the nearest shops.

Regarding Bangalore city, several best milk delivery apps provide fresh milk delivery. Read the article below to learn about Bangalore’s 5 best milk delivery apps.

Which is the best milk delivery app in Bangalore?

Bangalore’s best milk delivery app is a country delight, FTH daily, Supr Daily, BbDaily, and milk basket. Such apps provide you with fresh and quality milk, ensure safety, and give you the choice of reliable payment options. Check out the list of the best milk delivery apps in Bangalore, including features.

  1. Country Delight

Country Delight is one of India’s leading milk delivery apps, which came into use in 2015. You can get a variety of milk dairy products from this app, including paneer, milk, ghee, etc.

Country Delight aims to provide essential dairy products to customers directly from the network of 500 farms. The milk and dairy products of the Country Delight in Bangalore have premium quality and are free from any milk powder.

The best thing is that Country Delight milk is prepared under FSSAI approved facility and tested 26 times before providing to the customer. In this way, this app offers customers quality milk so they can get the best value for their money.

However, it is a user-friendly app, allowing customers to choose their preferred date and product easily. It also gives clients monthly consumption records, delivery, and bill information.

Features of the country delight app:

  • You can receive fresh milk from the country delight app within 24-48 hours
  • 26-time milk quality is tested under FSSAI approved facility
  • You can get the free test kit with a trial order of Country Delight milk in Bangalore
  • You can easily use the Country Delight milk delivery app to see your bill, daily consumption summary, and orders.
  • Fresh milk at your doorstep through this app ensures top-rated convenience for customers.
  1. Milkbasket

Milkbasket is another best milk delivery app in Bangalore that simplifies the morning by delivering milk products and daily essentials. With more than 40 types of milk from trusted brands, like Amul, Nestle, etc., this app gives various options.

Along with fresh milk, the Milkbasket milk delivery app also delivers eggs, bread packets, vegetables, fruits, groceries, and yogurts.

It is a trusted milk delivery app with more than 50,000 customers who already get the services of essential items and milk delivery services. The Milkbasket delivery app has many benefits: no delivery costs, minimum buy need, CVV/OTP need, checkout, etc.

It also gives a chance to people to get discounts on everyday delivery. You can order on the Milkbasket delivery app anytime until midnight. Moreover, using the Milkbasket app is the best way to track your monthly groceries expenses at your fingertips.

Features of the milk basket app:

  • The Milkbasket delivery app ensures the daily delivery of fresh milk and other essentials to your doorstep.
  • The Milkbasket app provides you with different tabs of monthly expenses to look at and control it.
  • You can easily set the vacation start and end dates on its app, so the Milkbasket team is notified and does not deliver milk.
  • If required, you can easily set to repeat your order by going to the recurring order list.
  1. FTH daily

FTH ( FreshToHome) daily is another best daily milk delivery app that provides a variety of daily essentials to people. The aim of FTH daily is to meet the client’s daily needs with 100% fresh and quality milk delivery.

You can easily find various milk products and other essentials by using the FTH milk delivery app. You can also buy the FTH milk app subscription to enjoy daily offers on milk and other dairy products and reduce expenses. The best thing is that you can easily create a daily milk schedule by using FTH daily app.

Features  of FTH daily milk delivery app:

  • FTH is a one-stop grocery app in Bangalore that delivers everything you need to cook and eat well, along with milk.
  • The simple interface of the FTH daily app makes it easy for you to use it.
  • You can also schedule a subscription to FTH daily at your convenience. You can easily add more items to your cart for the next delivery.
  • You can get plenty of products, from fresh milk to vegetables, here at FTH daily app.
  • The list of products on the FTH daily milk delivery app is updated regularly with new items to meet customer needs.
  • This app’s exciting offers help cut down your grocery expenses daily.
  1. Supr Daily

Supr Daily is one of the best daily delivery apps that provides fresh vegetables, milk, or daily essentials. Supr Daily provides a wide variety of fresh products in high quality.

This app does not put time or minimum order restrictions on you. Customers can easily place an order for the specified unit as they require—also, customers can place orders at Supr Daily at late 11 pm easily. The subscription holders also get the option to set a daily delivery schedule of fresh milk on this app. In this way, they can use the Supr Daily milk delivery app conveniently.

Features of Supr Daily milk delivery app

  • You can order any of the products from 3000+ products before 11 PM. They deliver your order the next day before 7 am in the morning. Fresh fruits, milk, vegetables, or other essential products you require will deliver to your doorstep by 7 am daily.
  • There are no minimum order restrictions. It means you can easily order for any no. of units, according to your need, at the Supr Daily app.
  •  By using the Supr Daily app, you can start receiving premium products on a regular basis. 
  • The Supr Daily app ensures to provide you 100% freshness in the product. Whether you order milk or other essentials, you can order fresh and eat fresh
  • .The subscription holder option is also available in the Supr Daily app, allowing you to subscribe, schedule your deliveries, and receive the order by 7 am in the morning.
  • Once you buy a subscription, you have to pay the service fee of $3.25 per packet.
  1. BBDaily

BBDaily is a reliable milk delivery app in Bangalore that provides essential milk services under the popular grocery platform big basket. It was established in 2011 with the aim of delivering fresh milk directly from the farm to the customer’s address. 

This milk delivery app provides services to 10 major cities in India, including Bangalore. BBDaily has a collection of more than 5000 products, like fresh milk, fruits, staples, bakery, vegetables, etc. The budget-friendly subscription to BBDaily gives you a safe and convenient home delivery experience.

You can daily get fresh milk by 7 am in the morning from BBDaily. The built-in wallet of the BBDaily app provides you with the option to buy a subscription and deliver fresh milk daily to your address.

Features of BBDaily milk delivery app

  •  Freshness is the top quality of the BBDaily milk delivery app. The milk freshness is a primary reason why several people already trust this app in Bangalore.
  • You can easily buy a BBDaily milk subscription to this app at your convenience and get the milk daily.
  • After getting a subscription, you must pay a service fee of $2 or $3 for every daily packet of milk. 
  •  BBDaily has a wide variety of milk and other essential products
  • You can get reliable milk delivery services because BBDaily delivers fresh milk daily to your door before 7 am
  • The best thing is that you can also order some items according to your need because there are no minimum order limits.


All the above milk delivery apps are top-rated in Bangalore because they provide complete control over orders and payments for milk. With proper order and tracking details, you can make the streamlined process of taking fresh milk with such apps.

Which app delivers milk in Bangalore?

There are many best apps that deliver milk to your address in Bangalore. You can choose any of the best milk delivery apps, like country delight, place an order for milk, make payments, and get your order at your doorstep.

How can I get Nandini milk daily at home?

Simplesubscribe.com website provides Nandini milk daily morning before 7 am at your home. With this, you do not need to face rushes to get fresh milk everyday morning.

Which app provides daily milk?

There are many best apps that provide you with daily milk every morning. Once you download the app and recharge your wallet, you can order fresh daily milk.

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