Simon Cowell Attends AGT Finale with Son and Fiancee Lauren

Simon Cowell’s appearance on the red carpet of America Got Talent is the talk of the town. It was indeed a family affair! 

Simon appeared on a live show of America Got Talent held in California with his fiancee, Lauren Silverman, and son Eric who is eight years old. They arrived on AGT set on 13th September 2022 and garnered much limelight. This is the 17th official season of AGT and witnessing such an epic family moment is something the media was waiting for with bated breath.

Simon Cowell Attends AGT with son

The family posed for media and paparazzi and undoubtedly looked beautiful together. Cowell seems lovingly embracing his fiancee and pointing his finger at Eric in the viral picture. Fans can’t stop going gaga over the pic and wondering about the wedding news!

The relationship between Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell has gathered attention even in the past. They have been together since 2013 and look perfect for one another. However, they confirmed to be engaged earlier this year, in January 2022. Silverman proudly flaunted her engagement ring at the show.

Speaking about their son, Eric has attended several events with this father. In 2018, he posed with Cowell on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So, posing comes very naturally to him!

The adorable Eric even had a go at judging the talent show and imitating his father. His cuteness won the internet as he was only three years old and seemed comfortable around the buzzer that scares contestants. 

At that moment, Cowell couldn’t help but look proud of his son, and speaking about the same in the interview with Extra, he said, “He loves pushing the buzzers. He’s got a real sense of it and likes coming down.” 

The couple had made headlines in the past when Cowell injured his back in 2020. Cowell reflects light upon the incident and speaks openly about how Eric and Silverman helped him recover emotionally and physically from the accident. 

Simon Cowell gives credit to his wife and kid for supporting him immensely in the past during emotional turmoil. He even says that the family got closer after this accident. During the same interview, he shared his excitement after coming home from discharge. 

Cowell reveals that initially, facing himself with metal rods in the back was most difficult. He had to be dependent as he couldn’t walk or move much. After that, life took a drastic turn for the family, but one sentence from his son, “Daddy, you’re like an ironman”, cheered him up. He says that it’s the sweetest thing anyone could ever do to him.

All these sweet anecdotes of the family and how Cowell always has their back melt everyone’s heart. The family is ideal in every way; thus, their appearance on the stage of America Got Talent excites netizens. In the coming time, it would be exciting to witness more of their adorable moments that can gear up the social media and news headlines.

Here are some other highlights from the finale of the AGT:

Mayyas created history by becoming the first Middle Eastern Group to win the AGT title 

For the last 17 seasons, people worldwide have participated in the popular show America’s Got Talent. Similarly, every season, we have witnessed Middle Eastern contestants who have tried their best to win the trophy but couldn’t. However, history was created when the Mayyas became the first middle eastern group to take the prestigious AGT trophy home. 

Apart from winning the trophy, they won a good reward of $1 million and an exciting opportunity to head the Luxor Las Vegas show. Undoubtedly their mesmerising performance deserved a win and wowed the entire stage. The AGT season 17 finale was a joyous emotional ride for the fans.

The hilarious roast of Simon Cowell by Mike E Winfield

Mike E Winfield, Jeff Ross, Don McMillan, and Lace Larrabee were seen hosting a nice roast on the judge Simon Cowell. 

The group entertained the audience with fun performances and took hilarious jabs at Cowell. It even calmed down contestants nervously waiting for the winner’s announcement.

It should not be missed and is a much-loved segment of the finale.

Halloween-inspired ‘spooky’ prank on judges

The show’s host, Terry Crews, partners with the judge Heidi Klum to prank her fellow co-judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel. Crews selected the Hollywood Horror Nights Park to execute this spooky prank.

Cowell, Vergara, and Howell roamed around the haunted hotel when the Crews popped up out of nowhere in the horrifying outfit, leaving the judges in horror. Cowell exclaimed and said to Crews, “I hate you!” Even Vergara comments, “I cannot do this anymore.”

Halloween is around the corner, and this prank lands at the right place. A finale night to remember. 

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