How to Check Texas Rent Relief Application Status Online?

Texas rent relief is a program run to provide relief to the renters and landlords. Renters need not pay their rents, and landlords need not chase renters anymore. COVID-19 has affected millions, and needless to say, many are scrambling off for shelter and food right now. Texas has released almost one billion emergency funds to help renters, landlords with rent and utility bills. The fund has already helped two million Texans right now.

If you have filed the application, you can further check its status by straightaway calling their toll-free number at 1-833-989-7368. You can also check the status by signing in to the website here.

  1. Carefully add your application number.
  2. Enter the required details, and then click on the check application status tab to find out more about your application.

Texas Rent Relief application under review what to do?

Texas Rent Relief application

It can take anywhere from 7 to 14 days to get your application reviewed. If your application is not reviewed by these many days, you can surely give them a call or check your application status to know more.

Texas rent relief status WO meaning?

When an applicant withdraws an application, you can get a WO status. When the tenant or reviewer withdrew the application then there is no action required from the official’s end.

How long does Texas Rent Relief take to process?

Seven to fourteen days is what is required for processing your tax rent relief application.

Are funds still available for Texas rent relief?

According to the recently updated website of the Texas rent relief, you can still apply. Funds are still available, and the site has posted requests encouraging more and more people. However, the website shows a closed application status. You must cross-verify to check if the application process is still ongoing with their call center. Fresh funding requests have been made again on 5th November 2021.


Here’s a bit about the application status-checking process. If you have applied for the rent relief, and don’t know what to do next, here’s a bit of what you can do.

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