Amy Grant: Vince Gill gives update on wife’s health after Accident

Recently, the husband of famous artist Amy Grants Vince Gill has seen on the red carpet and the taping of his CMT Giants: Vince Gill in Nashville. However, Amy was unable to walk the carpet with him due to deteriorating health. So, Gill arrived with his two beautiful daughters, Corrina and Jenny. Vince Gill had some updates regarding her wife’s health.

Amy is one of the greatest singers and songwriters the world has ever seen. Just two years after undergoing open heart surgery, she met with a bicycle accident in July where she hit a pothole, and since then, her health has not been stable. 

Vince Gill amy grant accident

The 61-year-old singer confirmed in late July that she was admitted to the Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville, where she was treated for falling from the bike and facing a concussion for a few days and then later was taken home. Velvet Kelm, Grant’s representative, also confirmed that after hitting the pothole, she was unconscious for about 10 minutes. Since then, Amy has been on the path of recovery and has not yet fully recovered. She now needs some peace to recover.

This was the official statement by Team Amy on her Instagram handle.

“Thank you to all those offering prayers and well wishes for Amy after her bike crash yesterday. She is in the hospital receiving treatment but in stable condition; she is expected to go home later this week, where she will continue to heal. Your kind thoughts and heartfelt prayers are felt and received. Amy was wearing her helmet, and we would remind you to all do the same!”

Vince Gill sheds some light on Amy’s condition during an interview. He said, “She’s doing great. She’s pretty torn up that she couldn’t be here tonight, but with her accident, they deemed that the best thing for her to do is be still. That’s hard for her because she is very active.”

Vince also mentioned that in spite of not being actually present with him on the carpet, Amy’s presence and support were always there with him, and he misses her on the carpet with him.

Vince also commented on whether Amy will be joining him on the stage again or not. He replied that his Christmas concert at the Ryman Auditorium with Gill remains intact for this December. 

In August, Gill also paid tribute to his wife while performing in Nashville. He sang the single that he wrote for her dearest wife Amy, “When My Amy prays,” at the show’s end. The lyrics were slightly altered to “When My Mama prays” when Vince and Amy’s 21-year-old daughter, Corrina, joined her dad on the stage for this beautiful moment for Amy.

Vince addressed the audience by saying, “We’re going to do this song I wrote for my wife, Amy. We haven’t been doing it much, but because of her accident and everything she’s been going through, we’ve been thinking a lot about her, and I thought how sweet it would be for her youngest to sing the song I wrote for her.”

“Amy and I grew up very different. She never missed church, and I never went. And just because we got married, I wasn’t compelled to say, ‘Hey, I’m going to go to church every weekend.’ So here’s the truth, your honesty in the song,”. These were the exact words of Vince Gill after being asked about the song’s inspiration in a 2019 interview.

Amy’s accident was not at the right time as she was still recovering from her heart surgery. Almost two years back, she was treated with a rare heart disease called partial pulmonary venous return.

Amy shared a caption on her Instagram post addressing the hardship. It is as follows:

“The only way I can explain my experience would be to ask you to imagine a non-runner who was signed up for a marathon,” she said. “I didn’t want it, but I had to have it anyway, and it was a week ago Wednesday.”

From the work front, the accident forced Amy to postpone her fall tour, which was supposed to start in August and is now not going to start for this year and is up for rescheduling in 2023 as per the statement released by Grant’s team. She still needs some time to be fit and healthy to perform to the audience entirely. However, she feels she will return to the stage in November for a tour with Michael W. Smith. Later, she will also be performing with her husband in a Christmas concert this December.

Vince also mentioned that in spite of not being actually present with him on the carpet, Amy’s presence and support were always there with him, and he misses her on the carpet with him.

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