How to Add money to Venmo with credit card? Can I Venmo Myself

Venmo can add a balance from four sources into your Venmo account.

  • Bank transfers
  • Debit card transfer
  • Credit card transfer
  • Payment transfer directly to the Venmo account

Very few people prefer credit card transfer since there is a 3% tax even when you’re using the credit card to fill your credit balance. The most widely preferred methods are the direct payment transfer method through payments and refunds received from others.

How to add money to Venmo with a credit card?

How to Add money to Venmo with credit card

You cannot self-pay through a credit card. But, you can transfer money to Venmo from a credit card following the below steps.

  • Add the credit card to your Venmo account.
  • Once the credit card is added to your Venmo account, use the Manage balance tab to transfer money from the credit card into your Venmo account.
  • Choose the transfer option, add the desired transfer amount.
  • Choose the transfer method, and then click on the Add option.

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Can I Venmo myself from a credit card?

Transferring money to Venmo from a credit card is possible. But the credit card needs to be added to your Venmo account first from which you wish to initiate the transfer of money. However, you cannot use the same credit card in two Venmo accounts.

  • From the Venmo app, go to the Settings page.
  • Use the Menu icon to select the Payment methods.
  • Choose add bank or card and then select the card option. Further, add your credit card details in the given sections.
  • Once you add the card, use it to make transactions ordinarily.

Does using a credit card on Venmo count as a cash advance?

Yes, using a Venmo credit card to fill the wallet balance counts as a cash advance. Paying the 3% fee to make the transaction would be necessary even when using the credit card to fill your Venmo balance.


A self-payment through the use of a credit card in Venmo is not possible. However, adding to the Venmo balance from a credit card is very much possible. The 3% rates on using a credit card are definitely a pre-requisite even when filling your Venmo balance.

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