Top 10 Upcoming English Netflix Movies & Series in (2024)?

Movies and series have made many lonely souls full again. The English Netflix began a different surrounding for everyone with their constant new and old combination of ideas and concepts. If you are a movie buff too and wish to pass your idle time learning new things that can begin a revolution in you, do not miss their shows that are so full of mystery, drama, supernatural concepts, and evolution.

The next year will be full of new worlds, ideas, and concepts on English Netflix. What are those? Do you want to keep yourself updated about the shows from now on? Follow this list for a vivid understanding of which shows can pull you into the vortex of your imagination cleverly and cleanly.

Upcoming English Netflix movies in 2024

upcoming English Netflix series

Check out the abstract, hot favorites, romantic, and imaginative movies upcoming on English Netflix next year. A whole new world is about to unveil with the movies and series finding a newness never found before here on English Netflix.

We will go by the best-anticipated programs on English Netflix month-wise for the first quarter followed by a standalone list for the next quarters.

1. January English movies Netflix

1. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is for the ones who have enjoyed watching the films where supernatural altogether takes a new definition. If you have followed all the films you would love to watch this one too.

2. Forest Gump

A new Forest Gump movie is about to join us this year in January bringing back memories of a good movie that we could have watched again and again. Cold chilly weather and a holidaying mood are what you need to adorn when watching this movie sequel. Don’t forget Tom Hanks is really Forest Gump again!

Anime Series

1. The Way of the Househusband season 2 

The ten volumes of Tankobon volumes are out in Japan and season two is one of the most awaited ones this year. Favorite among children and adults alike, this series is surely running waves in the audience.

2. Series and seasons

Let’s start with Kaleidoscope!

How about a vault that cannot be opened and standing tall in the United States?

More so how about thieves who are hell-bent to open the vault and divide the money that sits there in it?

Sound like a real adrenaline pump?

Don’t we all need such an adrenaline rush once in a while? If you are one of those who love to roll your eyes up and down, do not forget to watch the movie.

February English Movies Netflix

Your Place or Mine

A complete romcom for those who wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a splash!

Those who wish to go around celebrating romantic comedy must watch out for this movie where Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher do an incredible job of understanding what works for them and what doesn’t in reality.

Anime Series

My Dad the Bounty Hunter

Two kids have the ride of a lifetime when they hitchhike around the galaxy realizing their father is the most powerful bounty hunter of all, perhaps in the entire Milky Way.

Exciting! Isn’t it?

Even adults can have a good time watching the perfect out-of-the-way innovative anime series.



You as a series sequel is a psychological thriller with Professor Joe taking up the show by the end. Does this ring any bell in your ears? Well, one of the shows that need applause sits right there in your living room right when you are about to celebrate your Valentine’s Day.

3. March English Movies Netflix

Luther is a film coming up in March. This is an interesting movie with John Luther, the detective going down the deepest of hells and dingiest of tracks breaking rules to find out the truth.

There were previous movies of it and if you wish to go with Luther, do not forget to catch up on the old movies to know how brilliant John Luther is. Idris Elba is perfect in the role and has effortlessly pulled out every film so far. Can’t wait to watch it!


Shadow and Bone is back and in March, you can cover another season of it.

With eight stacked episodes, Alina Stakov will still be on the run devising a new plan to defeat the Shadow Fold.

Watch out for the new roles and characters in this series.

  • Manga and comic
  • Selling almost seventeen million copies, Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King can be called the most popular Manga comic and the movie adaptation will be available by the end of March.
  • Are you there God? It’s me Margaret is a movie about an adolescent girl growing up in a house with a Christian mother and a Jewish father. She begins to question life, faith, religion, and also God trying to understand life and its meaning. A drama again, this can be a good, light watch and if you connect to it, you can surely watch it again.

Are you there God? It’s me Margaret is a movie of an adolescent girl growing in a house with a Christian mother and a Jewish father. She begins to question life, faith, religion and also God trying to understand life and its meaning. A drama again, this can be a good, light watch and if you connect to it, you can surely watch it again.

  • The Super Mario Bros is a movie where two brothers are to travel a tunnel to save a captured princess. Those who wish to check out a fairy tale can stick to it for April.
  • Witcher Season 3 releases are due in September 2024 as of now. A wonderful tale, the Witcher brings back old memories when humans had the best of powers and yet the frivolity of nature and the world roped them into wars and the madness of the living. One of the best series to date, you can only afford to not miss it.
  • Never Have is up for release and sits for its season 4 releases. The school students enter their senior year of high school and the story of these teenagers might remind you of a time when your life shaped into something it is now or will be.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is scheduled for May release and boom it is one of the most significant releases of the year. Hooked on the Avenger series? Do not miss this film as it has important links that carry your knowledge back to where it all began – the Avengers.
  • The Little Mermaid is back with a swing and will hit the theaters on 26th May next year. Most of us remember the Little Mermaid who needs no introduction and if you are ready to get on a new adventure with her by your side, try out this movie and surely give it a shot.
  • June 2023 is lined up for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse with Tom Holland whose birthday month is when Spider-Man would release. The film promises a journey to the multiverse to which Spider Man is drawn and taken both at the same time. Do not miss this Marvel wonder as you might not find a link or two in the Avenger series when they land on your lap next time.
  • Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will come up on 9th June 2023 with a whole new breed of transformers waiting to be unveiled. If you wish to find out how or what happens with the Transformers do not forget to catch up on this ever famous movie sequel.
  • Waiting to catch up on a toon movie that talks less toon and more mature? Get on the ride with Elemental hitting the movie theaters on 16th June 2023. In a city where Fire and the other elements live peacefully find out what comes alive and what happens to the city from this totally different appearing movie.
  • With the coming of July, you get to watch some of the big movie sequels and the fresh ones altogether. Try Insidious: Fear the Dark and also Mission Impossible and yes, do not forget Oppenheimer and the incredible performance of the actors and actresses in them.
  • Come August and you can try some sports and horror which will include movies like Gran Turismo and The Last Voyage of the Demeter. With these movies, you can dive down deep into the world of supernatural horror and also a journey into the most superficial and palpable world of sports.

Due for release on August 11, these movies promise one of the best-timed entertainment across the world of cinema.

  • Continue into the world of the unknown with the coming of the Nun 2, A Haunting in Venice, and the Equalizer.

Nun 2 is due for release on 2nd September and A Haunting in Venice is due on the 15th of September with the toon version of the Expendables 4 coming up on 22nd September 2023.

  • October is going to be no different as Saw 10, and The Exorcist take over the screen. True Love is another film supposed to hit the theaters on 6th October 2023 with The Exorcist hitting theaters on 13th October and Saw 10 coming up on 27th October 2023.
  • In November, you will come across the much-awaited Dune 2 and Timothy Chalamet’s and Zendaya’s unforgettable performances as and when they hit the theaters on 3rd November 2023.

The depths of time and darkness begin to unveil their true nature with the setting of November every year. If you wish to find out the best possible way to escape them, try these two much-awaited movies of the year.

  • Hunger Games follows next and we must still be having the memories haunting us of a world so cruel and brutal. Try catching it on the first day, the first show is on 17th November 2023.
  • December brings the burning desire to fight the cold and darkness to fight life and live it to the fullest. With December, you will find a new dimension ass Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit the theaters on 25th December 2023. No one can miss Aquaman as the waters could be the ultimate darkness one could unveil while knowing what living on the edge and living by the rules would mean.
  • Even the Ghostbusters sequel is supposed to land in December with Wonka and even the film called The Color Purple. You get a lot to watch that can help you keep the darkness away, as far as possible as it is always good to be in the light.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you watch English Netflix for free?

You cannot do so as they have premium plans for users. If you wish to take Netflix, you must pay the amount which is not much most of the time compared to what we spend when going for a movie or an outing. All you need to do is tune in once you have successfully recharged.

Does Netflix produce their own series and films?

Apart from showing the series and films by different producers and directors, they also produce their own series and films.


The most wonderful time we can have in front of the television is when we can watch the best films and television series. If you are a Netflix buff do follow the English Netflix list for maximum entertainment. Even those who do not watch Netflix regularly can follow these upcoming and titillating, mind boggling episodes and films for maximum entertainment and knowledge.

Here is a list of English Netflix that you cannot ignore and live if you are to make your life presentable. With the coming of the next year, you have the power to change what does not suit you and move towards what does. Find a way and do not forget to catch upon some of the most awesome series and movies indicated here.

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