How to check Application Status (Complete Guide)?

Are you a citizen of Bangladesh and looking to register birth or death certificates? Well, issuing government documents can sometimes be hard if you do not know the exact process or miss out on any protocols. This article will tell you about different birth and death certificate queries. Read the article and let us know if you need any more help with the same.

What is the application?

The talk of birth certificates and their registration is on a high scale. People are confused about where they can apply for their birth/death certification or can get the application forms for the same. Now, in order to make these tasks easier, the Bangladesh government has an available official portal to deal with such applications. You can visit this website by clicking on the link: and proceeding with your requirements. 

How to get application form?

Once you visit this website, you will see different sections where you can access registration, birth certificate, death certificate, and other application works. You can sign up on the portal if you do not have any valid account on it, else you can log in with your credentials. You will have four different sections:

  1. Homepage
  2. Birth Registration
  3. Death Registration
  4. User Addition

You can also read about the Birth and Death Registration Act of 2003, 2018, and 2021. You can post your queries to which the official answers and explains the solution. You can also visit the important links like the PMO Bangladesh, Social Media Links, E-data cells, Ministry of Administration, etc.

How to check application status? Application Status

To check the application status, you have to log in to the portal and redirect to the application form you wish to get the active status of. Upon clicking the application, fill in the necessary details as asked. They are mainly required as credentials so that the personal information is not leaked to any other authorized user. Hence, enter the details in the field provided and click on Search or any validating option to check the activity for your application.

Birth Registration

How to fill Application for correction of birth registration information?

You should not panic, as mistakes while filling out forms are normal. If any correction is required in your birth registration certificate, you can go to the birth registration office, fill out a correction form, and submit it for upgrades. You can do it if you are willing to correct your form through the online portal. 

To apply for correction:

  1. A printed copy of the correction application with your recognizable signature
  2. Your recent photo, one(1) in number, in passport size
  3. Photocopy of the Bangladeshi passport
  4. Birth certificate as signed by the birth clinic or hospital
  5. Other supporting documents, as stated in the application form
  • Once you have submitted the application, pay the correction fees, and your application will be accepted and processed for correction.

How to do a Reprint of Birth Registration Certificate?

Have you lost your birth registration certificate and are worried? Well, there is no need to be tense as you can easily apply for another copy of your birth certificate. Let us know how you can re-print your birth registration certificate if you cannot find the original one.

  • Go to the official website of birth registration and head over to the re-printing section of birth copy. 
  • You can also click on to directly land on the required page
  • Enter your birth registration number and date of birth
  • Fill in the other details as asked in the application
  • Submit the copy of this application to your designated Union Parishad or City Corporation office
  • Once the application is approved, the office will pass on your application, and you will get your new copy of your birth registration certificate in a few days

By the time the new copy arrives, you can use the online copy of the certificate as the birth registration database legally issues it. It is a verified copy. Hence you can use it temporarily.

Check Current Status of Birth Registration Application

The registration process is not fully online. It still requires certain physical documents to be attached, which are then processed for verification, followed by official registration in the database. Almost thousands of application forms are submitted in the office per day, which includes correction forms, re-printing forms, and doze others. Hence it might take 2 weeks for your application to get approved. Due to heavy backlogs, the same process can take months to complete. By entering the registration number and date of birth, you can keep checking your updates on its web portal if you have your registration number.

To verify the status of your certification, you can go on You will be asked to follow certain prompts, after which you have to fill required details, and you will be able to check the accurate status of your birth registration application. 

Print Birth Registration Application Form

Once you have registered for your birth certificate and it gets approved, you need to have the Bangladesh government’s official stamp. For this, you need to take out an official copy of your birth certificate. To do so, just visit their web portal or go on Enter the credentials asked, and then click on download to download the PDF file of the application. After you have downloaded it, you can take out its print and get it signed and sealed by the Bangladeshi Government by visiting to the birth certification office. 

Birth registration application

To issue a birth certificate, you must fill out an application form. The government provides this form either it will be available at the birth certificate registration ward, or you can get it from its website. Here are the steps to be followed:

To check for your online birth certificate, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the link
  • Fill out the application form by entering the necessary details
  • Attach all the documents asked (Passport copy, passport-size recent photo, dully filled in the cover page)
  • Submit the file to the office of birth certification and registration
  • Submit the registration fees, and that is all.

You need to wait until the official confirmation regarding your certificate’s status. Once the certificate is issued, you can easily get it. To do so:

  • Visit the official website portal of Birth Registration Certificate or click on the link provided: 
  •  Enter your birth registration number under the space provided for the registration number. It is 17 digits number. Cross-check before proceeding ahead.
  • On the adjacent box, enter your date of birth.
  • Click on Search.
  • Your registered birth certificate will be available online.
  • Download it in the PDF and take its printout
  • Get your document signed by the government office of birth registration

Application for cancellation of certificate

The person must go to the website and click on Death Registration. Once the pop-up menu appears, you must click on Application of Cancellation Certificate. Follow the prompts mentioned in the section, and it will head you to the application of fill-up for the cancellation of the certificate. The application form will proceed for review, where the officials will review it, and the final verdict will be made accordingly. 

Search for birth registration information

If you wish to get your birth registration information, click on  and search for your birth certificate by registration number and date of birth. Once it is available and you wish to download it, you can visit the official website of the Birth Registry Office by clicking on You can download your registered certificate and get it signed at the birth registry office. 

Death Registration

Application for cancellation of certificate

Correction or revocation of an entry in the births and deaths register.— If it gets found by Registrar that any birth or death entry in any register held by him under this Act is inaccurate in any form or has been made dishonestly or improperly,  it may get subjected to rules made by the State Government in terms of the conditions under which such entries may get corrected or canceled. It makes an appropriate entry in the margin without an official document.

Form for Cancellation of death certificate includes the following.

  • Title of the deceased people
  • Death of the deceased people 
  • Reason for cancellation of the certificate with proof
  • Documents for proof
  • Date of applying for the Corrected or canceled certificate
  • Title of the applicant
  • Signature  of the applicant
  • Date, month, and year of application

Print Death Registration Application

In Bangladesh, an individual’s death must be reported within 45 days. The death certification gets employed for the succession of possessions, death registration, and population info among the beneficiaries. 

As a person dies, the death registration of the person becomes essential. You can apply directly to all city municipalities, populations, and Parishad. Death can get registered in Bangladesh during a stay abroad.

People cannot obtain or access records of deaths without registering. Therefore, it is essential to complete the online registration first. Here is how to note; be sure to follow all the instructions. No incomplete application will get entertained. 

  •  If you want to apply online, move to the site  
  •  Fill in the red boxes on the registration form.
  •  If you need to pay at the time of registration, pay with e-challan or mobile banking.
  • Upload the photo, mark the application form, and upload all the documents that should be produced with the application. Click on the submit option.
  • Select the office place where you want to dispatch the application form. Click on the send button.
  • It will be held as a draft until you present the form.

Reprint of Death Registration Certificate

Applying for the death certificate at the local municipal department is better. It takes prescribed fees to issue a reprint of the death certificate. 

You must submit these things to apply for a lost death certificate in Bangladesh.

  • Application form, and the applicant should be the person who has received the original death certificate first,
  • It needs a GD entry from the local police station.
  • It needs a national ID and passport copy of the applicant.
  • It needs one national ID and the passport copy of the deceased person. 
  • Applying for a duplicate registration certificate requires a BDT fee of 500.

Organizing the death certificate takes at least 3 to 4 days.

It will help if you fill in pieces of info in the application form, like the following:

  •  Title of the dead person
  • Place of death 
  • Name of the father/ husband of the deceased person 
  • Delivery address 
  • Permanent address 

Searching for death registration information

For the purpose of issuing death certificates, the government of Bangladesh has assigned local registrar offices all over the country. Applicants should reach the designated office at the site where the departed was buried. The Pourashava Headquarters, the City Corporation, the United Parishad Desk, and Cantonment Board form the approved registrar offices.

According to the death and birth registration law in 2018, Bangladesh’s consultant general accepts death registration applications for deceased individuals who have died in Bangladesh. It depends on the subsequent terms and conditions:

  • The birth certificate of the deceased individual got issued by the Consultant General of Bangladesh
  • It needs the application form Properly signed by the relative of the individual. It can be the father, son, mother, spouse, daughter, friend, or others.

Here are the documents needed to register for the death certificate. 

  • Death registration certificate
  • Bangladeshi passport of the deceased individual
  • Passport-sized photographs of the deceased individual
  • Medical certificate of the authorities attested by FCO

Registration within 45 days of death is free. The cost is set at Tk from then on for five years. Even though the government charges the fee, the sum of this money changes depending on where you are.

Current Status of Death Registration Application

It is easy for people in Bangladesh to check the online death certificate status. Head to the site and go to the top-right part of the screen.

  • Click on verify death status. 
  • Enter the death registration number and place of death of the deceased individual. 
  • Correctly fill in the information and type in the security code. 
  • Tap on the search button to look for the online death certificate in Bangladesh. 

New Death Registration Application

For the purpose of receiving life insurance money and any funds, the death certificate must get produced. A death certificate is essential to issue a name or record the property in one’s name in any situation. The paper should get presented to the local registry office and land office. Moreover, a death certificate is needed to receive the pension and other benefits if the deceased has been working or retired.

Here is how to register for the certificate.

  • Head onto the site of
  • Go to the home page, and a menu will appear.
  • Tap on the death certificate option.
  • Tap on the search death certificate or download the death certificate.
  • Search by acknowledgment number. Else, search by the registration number. 
  • Search by city or place of death.
  • Tap on select and follow the set of instructions. 

The death certificate and details will get displayed on the screen. 

Application for Correction of Death Registration Information

  • The applicant needs to approach the respective municipality desk from where he obtained the registration papers.
  • Collect corrected info or updates on death certificates from the counter 
  • Complete the form or attach the essential documents and submit it to the authority.
  • The accepted document gets accepted by the authority.
  • Grab the acknowledgment slip after submitting the form.
  • The particular department processes the application.
  • Once it’s over, the applicant gets notified to collect the form. 


I hope this article has helped you clear your doubts regarding birth and death certificates. If you are a citizen of Bangladesh and confused about how the proceedings would have been, this article will clear your queries once you go through them. It has made everything so easy and simpler. Everything is explained in detail, from filling out the application forms to downloading certificates and credible resources and websites. 

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