Top 10 best video editing apps for iPhone in (2024)

iPhones have made a great impact in the field of editing and rendering. Among the best video editing applications, iPhone supports major editing apps and makes it easy for editors to layer and edit their videos and bring out the final output. But you can only get the expected result if you choose the perfect video editing app on your iPhone.

Filmmakers wish to edit their videography and photography on iPhones only. It makes sharing content more convenient across social media platforms. For this purpose, you must download the editing apps on your iPhones. However, there are thousands of apps that offer the finest editing features. So, we need to decide what app to choose.

In this blog, we have picked some best video editing apps for your iPhones to make your editing work seamless. 

Best Top 10 Video editing apps for your iPhones

Top 10 best video editing apps for iPhone


LumaFusion is a feature-packed video editing app that makes your editing work effortless. You must pay for its premium subscription to use its incredible features. YouTubes, mobile journalists, novices, and professional editors use LumaFusion for all their editing. 

LumaFusion’s User Interface works efficiently, and no distracting advertisements or pop-ups appear in the middle of the editing. You can edit videos and photos in landscape and portrait modes. Also, these modes are instantly switchable with a single click. 

You can edit videos in all modes and aspect ratios, such as landscape, film, square, and portrait. It supports six audio and video tracks, audio narration, sound effects, and graphics. The app’s magnetic timelines allow you to edit clips adequately. Choose transitions and effects from its in-built layer effects and transform your editing to an expert level.

The LumaFusion app truthfully makes your editing look like a professional one!

App Store Rating: 4.8


iMovie app is developed for Apple Operating System and is the finest editing platform for iOS users. You can download iMovie on all Apple devices, i.e., iPhone, Mac, and iPad. All the versions of the app work efficiently. The app’s intuitive User Interface makes your video and photo editing look like a cakewalk. You can cut the videos, organize them in a timeline, and add multiple transitions. The scrubbing feature of iMovie is fascinating because you can drag the video clips and shuffle them smoothly. 

The filters and themes of iMovie are spectacular. They make your videography look like a professionally edited one. So, try the iMovie app and edit your videos on a professional scale.

App Store Rating: 4.5

KineMaster Video Editor

KineMaster is a well-known video editing app that has all the professional instruments. It is perfect for serious and professional editing. You can use KineMaster to edit videos in landscape, square, film, and portrait modes. Today, YouTubers and content creators use KineMaster to edit their content. 

KineMaster offers premium and free versions. Both versions don’t show ads which is a significant advantage as you don’t get distracted while editing. The premium version provides more features that are ideal for professional editors. 

The platform’s multi-track timeline feature ensures users include multiple videos and audio. You can incorporate background music, graphics, texts, and stickers in your clips to augment your video quality. Additionally, it offers audio ducking, transitions, time-lapse, keyframe, and other animations. Therefore, the app garners high ratings on the App Store and is a widely used platform for editing.

App Store Rating: 4.6

Adobe Premiere Rush

Earlier, Adobe only had a desktop version editing tool which was popular and demanding. The software provided expert-level editing and was preferred by all editors. Therefore, Adobe launched its mobile version known as Adobe Premiere Rush with all its impressive features. The app is available on iOS. As a result, Adobe is one of the best editing apps.

Adobe Premier Rush allows users to add personalizations to their videos and consists of several customization tools. In addition, you can add music, stickers, animations, graphics, and transitions. The app is flexible and manageable. Also, you can conveniently edit videos on your iPhones in split and in-picture modes. It enables users to resize video clips. 

You can discover a lot while working on the Adobe Premier Rush app. It is cross-platform compatible that works efficiently on all operating systems.

App Store Rating: 4.6


Another powerful and splendid video editing app in this list is Videoshop. The app works competently on iPhones and ensures you create a mind-blowing editing piece. It allows you to record videos directly from the app’s camera and start editing. Additionally, you can import videos from your gallery. 

Videoshop’s editing features help beginners to learn everything that an editor requires. Therefore, a naive person should begin training himself in editing via Videoshop first. Add transitions, tilt shifts, text, narrations, and more with Videoshop. Using the Merge feature, you can also merge numerous clips into a single video. 

Users exploring this field must try VideoShop’s free version. Videoshop enables users to add voiceovers and themes in a clip. You can change the environment of a video by adding filters to it and enhancing its clarity. The export feature of Videoshop is brilliant. You can directly export videos on social media apps or save them in Google Drive or Dropbox.

App Store Rating: 4.9


Splice offers a plethora of editing features that will blow your mind. The app’s creator is the same company that creates GoPro cameras. GoPro is the world’s renowned and leading action camera widely used by vloggers and professionals. So, you can import everything you record in the GoPro to Splice and start editing. 

After importing them from the phone’s gallery, a user must highlight the editing clips. This feature is known as Highlights. Furthermore, add music, effects, transitions, and text while editing. Splice makes cropping and resizing videos more straightforward and quick. Additionally, the app offers access to its music library that an editor can use in the video’s background.

The app generates a link you can share on social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, or WhatsApp. You can download Splice on your iPhone and enjoy editing in its intuitive background.

App Store Rating: 4.6

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is the most recommended editing platform for experts and professionals. The app is feature-enriched and hosts lavish filters and effects that make your videos look magical. These effects are professionally-curated and augment your video style. The app ensures you add the clip and merge the videos within a second. 

Filmmaker Pro provides customization tools that allow you to add desirable precisions. The platform’s library contains graphics, effects, video, and audio tracks. It comprises unique sound effects that you can add to the video’s background. The fonts collection at Filmmaker Pro is everyone’s favorite because they reflect aesthetic vibes. Additionally, its labels are a much-discussed feature among netizens and video editors. 

The trial version of filmmaker pro consists of the watermark. Thus, you can buy its premium to remove watermarks in your videos.

So, you must use Filmmaker Pro to add personalization to your videos. It delivers high precision in your videos and increases their quality.

App Store Rating: 4.6

InShot Video Editor

Although InShot Video Editor is easy to use, its features are no less than professional editing software. The app revolutionalizes your structure of editing and makes it effortless. You can merge, resize, cut, adjust, rotate, flip, and trim videos on InShot Video Editor. Also, the app allows you to create video collages and offers the best outlines and graphics. 

InShot Video Editor has an in-built music collection. However, you can also add music from your phone’s library. Another helpful feature of InShot Video Editor is it provides sound effects and layering. Use stickers, texts, emojis, graphics, animations, transitions, and color correction in your videos. 

Many editors find the color correction feature of InShot Video Editor helpful as it corrects the tiny flaws of your videos. So, the end results of your videos appear immaculate.

InShot Video Editor has positive reviews on the App Store. Also, it works smoothly on all iOS versions. 

App Store Rating: 4.9


One of the most popular video editing apps on the App Store is FilmoraGo. It is convenient to use and is the first choice for video editors. Also, it is free and is a feature-packed application with unmissable editing attributes. FilmoraGo’s User Interface makes everyone fall in love with editing. Therefore, it outshines other editing apps because of the outstanding UI.

FilmoraGo has themed filters, effects, and flairs that help modifies your video’s look. Also, adding these characteristics in the video is effortless for beginners. The templates at the FilmoraGo offer aesthetic effects known as Materials. However, you must buy a premium version to use Materials in your video clips. 

Users can add stickers, music, texts, titles, and more to their videos. FilmoraGo permits users to change the video’s background too. Another advantageous feature of the app is picture-in-picture mode. You can add multiple clips within a single clip using picture-in-picture mode. Also, the app doesn’t include unpleasing watermarks in the videos. 

Hence, you should try FilmoraGo.

App Store Rating: 4.7

Enlight Videoleap

Enlight Videoleap is a splendid video editing app because it’s versatile and feature-packed. The app’s versatility will make your videos appear captivating and powerful. It is perfect for everyone. You can create dramatic and cinematic videos on Enlight Videoleap. It offers fun elements, styles, twists, and effects that can suit every video type.

Enlight Videoleap’s library has plenty of effects and filters which you can easily include in your videos. Its library also seems intimidating to beginners because it offers a massive variety. Additionally, you get customizable tools, such as layers mask, transformation, and blending modes. 

So, craft your videos and turn them into art using Enlight Videoleap. You might exhaust yourself from accessing its library, but the effects will keep adding up. The app operates well on iPhone and other iOS devices.

App Store Rating: 4.5

The above list discusses the most notable and precise video editing apps that will improve your original video quality. Some apps are accurate for beginners, and others are suitable for heavy editing. So, choose your pick depending on your video editing requirements and start re-developing videos like never before.


One of the crucial jobs in the world is video editing. The requirement for video editors is increasing because everyone wants to build a positive social media presence. Today, all companies promote their products or services using social media platforms, such as, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The maximum promotion is achieved through videography. Therefore, they hire editors who require video editing apps. In such a scenario, editors must only use a feature-oriented, highly intuitive, and world-class editing app that can ease their work. So, we’ve created this list to make your video-editing app selection easy. 

Try any of the above apps and create a magical video editing journey.

Does the iPhone support heavy editing?

The newest iPhones support heavy editing and can handle editing at 4K video resolution. Additionally, you can edit an entire movie on your iPhone using video editing apps.

Does the iPhone have an in-built video editing app?

iMovie is iPhone’s in-built video editing app that works remarkably well on all iOS devices. The app supports 4K video editing, sharing, and exporting. Also, its effects, graphics, and other filters are perfect for professional editing. 

Does KineMaster provide good results for the iPhone?

Unarguably, KineMaster is one of the best video editing apps on the Internet that provides excellent results for the iPhone. So, you can edit your video content efficiently using KineMaster on your iPhone. However, it supports iOS version 13.2 and after.

Should I spend money on LumaFusion?

LumaFusion is an ideal video editing platform for professionals and experts. Its features are unbeatable. Therefore, many users say that every penny spent on LumaFusion is worth it. However, you should not buy LumaFusion’s premium if you are a beginner or want to try casual editing.

Can I use iMovie on iPhone's older versions?

iMovie is a pre-installed application on the latest iPhones. Also, you can use the editing app on iPhone’s older versions. However, older iPhones may not support 4K resolution and heavy editing on iMovie.

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