How to fix Push to talk not working in Discord?

What is push to talk button on discord?

PTT, otherwise known as push-to-talk, is a two-way radio broadcast service that enables users to speak to one another by just pushing a button. It is used to transmit and receive voice across a number of networks and gadgets. Mobile phones, walkie-talkies, and two-way radios are examples of equipment that supports PTT. 

PTT communications have lately advanced from being only on the radios and mobile phones to be integrated into desktop PCs and smartphones, thus enabling cross-platform capabilities. Almost all gamers of today use this feature to effectively communicate with their in-game teammates.

In this piece, we will be doing all things “push-to-talk” and we’re starting right from scratch. Let’s get started, shall we?

Configure the Push to Talk 

Step 1- Activate Discord or install the software in case you haven’t.

Step 2- From the left panel of your screen, select the Settings icon.

Step 3- Navigate to the Keybinds option from the App Settings window.

Step 4- Now, to add a keybinds, use the highlighted Add a Keybind box below.

Step 5- Select Push to Talk from the drop-down option under the “ACTION” option.

Step 6- To activate Push to Talk, enter any button you like to use in the KEYBIND area as a shortcut. In Discord, you may set several keys to the identical function.

Step 7- Alternatively, enter the shortcut key by clicking on the highlighted keyboard icon.

Step 8- Go back to the App Settings and select the given voice and video option.

Step 9- Move the slider to the right in the PUSH-TO-TALK RELEASE DELAY area to avoid unintentionally interrupting yourself.

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Enable the Push to Talk

What is the push to talk button on discord

We advise updating the software to the most recent version for a smooth experience activating and configuring the PTT function. You must first verify that you have logged in with the correct credentials, irrespective of the Discord edition you are using. Then,

Step 1- Launch the Discord program for Windows, Mac, or Linux, or head on to official site to log in or register for an account.

Step 2- By selecting the gear symbol in the lower-left corner of the Discord screen, head on to the settings menu.

Step 3- For push to talk in Discord, select settings.

Step 4- Now, choose Voice & Video from the App Settings.

Step 5- Note that Push to Talk should be selected in the Input Mode box.

Step 6- After turning on PTT, you must assign a hotkey to the functionality (in order for it to work correctly.)

Step 7- Select Record Keybinder under Shortcut as you scroll down a bit.

Step 8- Select the key you wish to use as the PTT button, and then press it.

(You may adjust the time delay between the push of a button and the actual deactivation of your microphone by using the slider provided on the left.)

Step 9- Tap the Keybinds box on the left edge from the options menu to configure a bunch PTT keys according to your preference.

Step 10- Next, add a keybind by clicking.

Step 11- Launch the drop menu in the action panel, and choose between Push to Talk (normal) or Push to Talk (priority) according to your wish!

Step 12- While you press the designated key in the priority mode, the other speakers’ volume will be reduced. 

Step 13- Set the key(s) you want to actually use to activate PTT.

Close the settings menu after configuring keybindings, and you’re good to go!

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Why is my push to talk not working in discord?

Why is my push to talk not working in discord?

If you believe that you have previously set up the app’s Push to talk the right way but it’s still not working fine, we have got you covered. For the record, it is not just you. A ton of others are also facing the same. So, consider the options below to fix this-

How to Fix it?

Method 1 Restart Discord

Step 1- Restarting Discord is an easy way to solve any audio problems. 

Step 2- Use the Task Manager to terminate Discord (Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC at once)

Step 3- Now, re launch the Discord application. Then check if your PPT is working. If not, scroll down for another way to fix it.

Method 2 Look for windows updates

Step  1- One of the most reliable ways to stop bugs from growing is to keep your system updated as soon as the updates roll in!

Step 2- Head on to the Windows Settings Menu.

Step 3- Navigate to Update & Security .

Step 4- Choose Windows Update to see if the most recent version of Windows is available.

Step 5- update the application if required.

Lastly, check if the PTT is working.

Method 3 The audio driver updates

Your audio drivers is yet another crucial component that you should examine in this scenario. You must perform the following:

Step 1- To display the Run dialogue panel, just use the Windows Command + R combination keys and press them together.

Step 2- Press OK or Submit after typing “devmgmt. msc” (without the quotation marks).

Step 3- Dial up all audio inputs as well as outputs after the Device Manager window pops up.

Step 4- Then, right-click on each of the microphones and speakers that you are currently using. 

Step 5- Choose the Update Driver to start the update process.

Step 6- After the process is completed, check the PTT functionality of the Discord application.

Method 4 Select the input/output device manually.

You should check your Discord settings to make sure you’ve chosen the appropriate audio devices if the Push to Talk problem is still there after upgrading your drivers. Follow the easy steps to fulfill this method-

Step 1- Launch the Discord application.

Step 2- Select the User Settings icon (gear-shaped icon). Then select Voice & Video.

Step 3- Choose the appropriate loudspeaker for the output device and the microphone for the input device.

Step 4- Select the Let’s Check button to see if the devices are operational. 

(When speaking directly into your microphone, be sure you can hear yourselves from your output device. When you talk into the microphone, it’s a solid indication that the microphone is picking up your voice if the led indicator moves. When speaking normally into your microphone, check to observe whether the indicator lights increase to around 75% of their maximum range to provide you with the best in-game voice quality.)

Discord push to talk doesn’t work in game… What to do?

If you’re facing the same, consider this step-by-step process below

Step 1- Firstly, you need to check if both are in administrator mode. –

Step 2- Launch the Discord app.

Step 3- Start playing a game to taste the PTT

Step 4- If the Push to Talk keys are not working, then you will be confirmed about the setting pattern.

Step 5- Then, quit the Discord app.

Step 6- And return the desktop homepage page of your PC. 

Step 7- As soon as you find the Discord icon, right click on it.

Step 8-  Click on the “Run as administrator” option.


What is the default Push to Talk button on Discord?

Push to talk is a technology that mutes background noise so that users and the other players on the server can focus on the conversation and important in-game strategy discussions.

For starters, Discord automatically muffles your microphone while Push to Talk is enabled until you touch the specified speaking key. 

Can you use Push to talk on Discord while gaming?

The straightforward answer is “Yes.” You can use this feature while playing any title with your friends using Discord application.

Wrap Up

The phrase “Push-To-Talk” is something that almost all gamers of today’s world are familiar with! This kind of Voice chat requires the players to push a button to talk. Now you can manually set or enable Push-To-Talk in Discord. When you do, you could access the game’s active chat channel and join in with ease.

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