How to borrow loan from LCredit Loan App? Download LCredit app

What is Lcredit loan app?

Nigerians can take financial loans from the Lcredit loan app anytime. Loans are sanctioned at any part of the day and can be availed of from anywhere. The application process is short and loans are sanctioned fast. This is one of the best loan platforms when people seek emergency loans.

How to borrow loan from Lcredit Loan App?

Lcredit Loan App

Borrowing from the Lcredit Loan app is possible using the following steps.

  1. First, you will have to download the Lcredit loan app on your phone.
  2. Use your mobile number to register an account.
  3. Get approval for your profile after adding up necessary information like your BVN and job information.
  4. Once your profile is approved your loan will be issued immediately.
  5. Attach a bank to get your loan in your bank account.

How to Pay Lcredit loan?

There are three ways in which you can repay the Lcredit loans. Either you can pay with your card, pay with a bank or USSD or make an offline transfer.

  1. From the loan dashboard, press the Loan bill icon on the app.
  2. The loan you ow will reflect on the screen
  3. Click on the repay option and either choose a bank USSD number, or your debit or credit card.
  4. Add the details carefully and then click on the repay option.
  5. Your loan will be repaid as soon as you make the transfer.

How to download Lcredit loan app in Nigeria?

The Lcredit loan app in Nigeria is available for both Android and iOS users.

For Android

The app apk is available on many trusted apk sites, if you wish to go for it, then these are the steps.

  1. Go to your Android settings> Security settings>check the box that will allow you to download apps from the third-party or unknown sources.
  2. Click on the download tab and wait for the download to begin.
  3. Once your download is halfway, you will have to verify your human identity by downloading some other essential apps from the source.
  4. Further, run the installation on your device and complete the download.

For iPhone

  1. There are many app stores from where you can download apps without jailbreaking and rooting.
  2. Fins one such appstore and download the app apk.
  3. Now move to your General Settings and then trust the app source.
  4. Let the app installation process complete after the download is over.

What is the Interest Rate?

The app offers instant money at the rate of 36.5% to 300%.

lCredit loan app customer care number?

The customer contact care number is +234 1 631 0555 for Lcredit.

lCredit loan app Review

Lcredit is a loan app sanctioning loans to people in Nigeria. The loan app is doing wonders for those who need quick loans for emergency purposes. Lcredit loan app offers loans up to N50000 and the loan percentage differs based on the loan type.

If you want loans for a short period, this is the best app to use. Usually while reviewing we can give it a score of 4.1 based on the review done on the different functionalities of the app.

Is lCredit Loan App Legit?

The loan app is legitimate and cannot be classified in any way as a fake platform. People have benefited from their loan-giving policies and are quite frequently visiting the platform for loans.


Here’s all about the lCredit loan app. If you’re in search of more information, tune in to this post that talks about it in detail.

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