How to do Cashsend with Absa With or without App (2024)?

Today, online banking is the first preference for people as traditional banking methods are time-consuming and troublesome. Online banking enhances convenience for customers and provides 24×7 service. One such safe and reliable online banking service is Absa. 

Absa bank account gives users a safe net banking experience. The customers get a free debit or credit card which makes buying loans and other insurance facilities convenient. Additionally, Absa users get access to credit points that accelerates their loan approval process. 

In this blog, we’ll learn everything about Absa CashSend. But first, let’s understand how you can cash send with Absa with the Absa app.

Cashsend with Absa without App

Cashsend with Absa ATM

Using Absa for your daily transactions is effortless. The bank prioritizes customers’ convenience over everything else. Therefore, they have made every service available on their Mobile App, easily downloadable from the internet. 

Absa makes the CashSend process more manageable as you don’t need an app to send money to other people’s accounts. You heard that right. A customer must follow a few steps to send money from his Absa bank account to another beneficiary. 

So, let’s look at the step-by-step process of how to CashSend with Absa without the app:

  • First, dial this number: *120*2272#
  • Input your five-digit PIN.
  • Multiple options will appear on the screen. Hit on option three because it facilitates payments. 
  • Click on Send. 
  • Furthermore, customers must select option two to send payments to existing beneficiaries. Click on Send.
  • Select your beneficiary and click on Send.
  • Enter your recipient’s transaction account where you want to send payment. Click on Send.
  • Input the paying amount and click on Send.
  • Give your beneficiary’s reference. Click on send.
  • You would need to send a successful transaction proof reference. So, select the proof generation method. Click on send.
  • Review your payment details and confirm. 
  • Enter option one to Accept. Click on send.

Your transaction will be successful with the above steps. Remember to be accurate with payment details and amount before sending. 

So, now you know you can CashSend to the beneficiary without the Absa app. Let’s understand how you can CashSend with Absa ATM.

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How to do cashsend with Absa ATM?

You can safely do transactions, or cash send at your nearby Absa ATM. 

Here are the steps for CashSend with Absa ATM:

  • Visit Absa ATM and insert your ATM card. 
  • Click on ‘More Services.’
  • Tap on ‘Money Voucher.’
  • Input your desired amount.
  • Complete a six-digit Voucher pin and enter the same code twice. 
  • Enter the recipient’s mobile number, or you can skip this step if the recipient doesn’t have a mobile number. 
  • ATM will give you a payment proof receipt. 
  • Provide the voucher pin that you created earlier to the recipient.

Consequently, your recipient can receive the amount you CashSend them. Send ‘Voucher Number’ from the receipt to the recipient if you skipped entering the mobile number step. 

A person without an Absa account can also receive the amount you paid them. We’ll look at how you can transfer money to others using Absa App.

How to transfer money using the Absa app?

A customer can transfer money using the Absa app with a few easy steps. Let’s quickly look at the process.

  • Download the Absa app on your device.
  • Create an account or login into the existing one.
  • Click on Pay.
  • Click on ‘Pay New Beneficiary.’
  • Enter the recipient’s name, banking information, reference number, etc. Also, fill out your reference number and payment notification. Click on Next.
  • Enter the amount on your payment screen.
  • Click on the ‘Immediate Interbank Payment’ option. Click on Next.
  • Review and confirm payment details. Click on ‘Accept and Pay.’
  • The app will ask the user for final confirmation. Authenticate it to pay. 

As a result, you have transferred money to the recipient using the Absa app. The bank advises customers to log out of their accounts after each transaction. Now, let’s learn how customers can get an Absa CashSend pin. 

How to get an Absa CashSend pin?

Absa sends Voucher Pin to the sender via SMS. The pin is also available in the payment proof receipt. So, recipients can get the Absa CashSend pin from their senders. It is a ten-digit PIN that allows recipients to withdraw the amount. 

Note: You cannot withdraw or access the payment your sender sent you without a cash send pin. 

Visit Absa ATM once you get the CashSend pin from your sender.

CashSend is the most straightforward way to send money to the beneficiary having a smartphone. The beneficiary only needs to visit Absa ATM and collect their money. It is accessible to your mobile phone only. Another great feature of CashSend is that the beneficiary doesn’t need a bank account. 

Let’s understand how to get the Absa CashSend access code.

How to get the Absa CashSend access code?

When the sender transfers money via CashSend at the Absa ATM, they must create a 6-digit Voucher Pin and confirm it twice. The pin enables the recipient to withdraw cash. 

The sender can easily find the pin on their SMS and the payment proof receipt.

So, you can get an Absa CashSend access code from your sender. The recipient enters the same code at the ATM and withdraws the amount.

A noteworthy point: Recipients will receive a 10-digit access code on their SMS if the sender inputs your contact number.

Therefore, beneficiaries must contact their senders only for the CashSend access code. Read further to understand how the recipient can withdraw CashSend from Absa.

How to withdraw CashSend from Absa?

Recipients can conveniently collect the amount their senders sent them via access code at the nearest Absa ATM. 

Note: Recipients cannot withdraw CashSend without an access code.

Step-by-step instructions on withdrawing CashSend from Absa:

  • Navigate your nearby Absa bank that provides a CashSend facility to users. 
  • At the facility, click on CashSend. Furthermore, select CashSend Withdrawal.
  • Input a 10-digit reference number. Check your text message for the code. You will only receive this number if your sender provides your cell phone number while the CashSend transfer.
  • In addition, input the six-digit access code your sender gave you. Also, enter the exact amount number sent to you.
  • Give it a few seconds for verification. You will get your whole amount once verifications succeed. 

Withdraw your amount anytime your sender sends you with these steps. 

Let’s understand how you can transfer money from Absa to Capitec without the app.

How to transfer money from Absa to Capitec without the app?

South Africa’s one of the leading banks, Capitec, provides easy online banking. They offer a remote banking service to their customers. Also, you can make transactions, save money, and earn good credit points from Capitec cards. 

You can transfer money to the Capitec recipient from the Absa website if you don’t want to use the Absa app. 

Here are its steps:

  • Navigate website.
  • Login into your existing Absa account.
  • Also, log in to your Absa Online banking.
  • Click on ‘CashSend.’ You can find the same from the side menu.
  • Tap ‘CashSend a new beneficiary.’
  • You will receive a verification request. The request will only appear on the registered device.
  • Enter Capitec beneficiary’s details. Also, fill out CashSend details. Tap Next.
  •  Verify all the payment details and continue.
  • Again, authenticate the transfer request, which will appear on your registered device.
  • Tap done.

So, you have successfully transferred money to Capitec using the website without the app.

Let’s decode the way to transfer money from Absa to Capitec using Cellphone banking.

How to transfer money from Absa to Capitec using cellphone banking?

Let’s understand how you can transfer money from Absa to a Capitec account:

  • First, dial this number: *120*2272#
  • Input your five-digit PIN. Click on send.
  • Click option two to add a new Capitec beneficiary. Click on Send.
  • Enter the Capitec beneficiary’s mobile number. Click on Send.
  • Furthermore, type the recipient’s name and click Send.
  • Enter the debit amount.
  • Now, enter the amount to send to the recipient. Click on Send.
  • Input a 6-digit access code and click on send.
  • Confirm your entire transaction and proceed by clicking on one. Click on Send.

Finally, send your Capitec recipient the access code.

Remember, Absa’s CashSend limit is R500. 

Let’s glance at how you can check the Absa CashSend balance.

How to check the Absa cash send balance?

The following steps will help you check the Absa CashSend balance:

  • Dial Absa Cellphone Banking Number: *120*2272#
  • Input your five-digit PIN
  • Tap one to check balances. Click on Send.
  • Customers having a single cheque account can instantly view their balance.  
  • You must provide your account cheque number if you have more than one account with Absa to see the balance.
  • Enter your cheque number. Click on send.
  • Now, you can check your balance. 
  • Tap one to get back to the main menu.

You can also check your balance history on the Absa app. Click on the History icon from the list. All your transactions will appear on the screen.

We’ll now look at how you can reverse Absa CashSend. 

How to reverse Absa cash send?

Did you accidentally transfer the Absa CashSend? No worries, you can reverse Absa CashSend.

Steps to reverse Absa CashSend:

  • Tap ‘Beneficiaries’ from the menu bar on the left side. The menu bar is located beside the Absa logo on the app.
  • Select ‘CashSend’ under ‘Beneficiaries.’
  • Now, the list of your beneficiaries will appear on the screen. You can search or find the recipient whose transaction you wish to cancel. Else, scroll down the list.
  • Click the ‘History’ icon beside the recipient’s name. The list of all your past transactions will appear.
  • Tap ‘More’ beside the CashSend.
  • Select ‘Remove CashSend.’

Customers should switch to the entire Absa Online Banking if they wish to reverse the once-off CashSend.

Have you CashSend someone but didn’t receive the SMS yet? Let’s know what you must do in such a case.

Absa CashSend SMS not received. What to do?

Typically, CashSend SMS delivers to the recipient’s mobile number within 24 hours. In such a case, recipients can ask senders to resend the withdrawal code. Let’s look at the steps to resend the withdrawal code.

  • Click on the Menu logo beside the Absa logo. 
  • In the menu bar, select ‘Beneficiaries.’
  • Click on ‘CashSend’ under Beneficiaries.
  • Search or scroll to find the beneficiary’s name to whom you want to resend the code.
  • Click on ‘History.’
  • All the past transactions with that particular beneficiary will appear on the screen.
  • Click on ‘More.’
  • Tap ‘Resend Withdrawal Code’ from the list. 
  • Now, the recipient will receive the CashSend SMS. However, a customer must be on full Absa Online Banking.


Absa is a safe, effortless, reliable, and quick online banking service. It also provides cellphone banking, which allows users to transfer and receive money without downloading the app. In addition, customers can check their bank balances conveniently via cell phone. 

Absa’s CashSend alternative enables recipients with no banking account to withdraw money. People can make transactions even with Capitec. Therefore, Absa is gaining massive popularity in South Africa because of its efficiency and quick solutions. You must also join Absa’s full banking service to avail yourself of all these incredible features.

How does cash send work on Absa?

The recipient can receive and withdraw some from their senders anytime from the nearest Absa ATM using CashSend. The recipient obtains a Voucher Number from their sender to withdraw money. CashSend also makes sending money to other recipients convenient.

Is it safe to send cash with Absa?

Absa is a secure online banking service. SendCash works on a triple verification process. So, the transaction between a sender and recipient remains safe. Hence, you can send cash with Absa without worrying about security.

How much time does it take to send cash from the Absa app?

The recipient immediately receives SendCash when the sender transfers payment into their accounts. However, customers can experience one hour delay related to instant funds access. 

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