How to Fix Norton Error 3048 3: A Complete Guide [2024]

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Norton antivirus provides full defense against malicious attacks on your computer. Despite its development, multiple error codes can occur for many reasons. Norton error 3048 3 is one that is hard to tackle. Whenever you are following steps to tackle this error you need to go through them carefully through every process and firmly look into the mistake. 

How to Fix Norton Error 3048 3: A Complete Guide

If you want to fix Norton Error 3048 3 you can follow the simple procedures given below.

1: Run the Live-Update for Norton Application

This is one of the simplest ways to fix Norton Error 3048 3 safety flaws. To do so, Norton internet protection must be introduced first. You can navigate to pick the Protection option afterward. Just find the Live-Update option and press it when the new window will appear. 

Maintain composure during the scanning process. After it is done, the Live-Update checks the pending updates further. After that, you need to find the Apply Now icon and click on it after the scanning is done. Restart your computer in the final step and verify whether this solution is useful or not. If the error still occurs then try to solve the problem with the next solution.

2: Norton reinstallation

The error 3048 3 can be corrected by reinstalling Norton on your computer. You must then click and navigate to the Control Panel option by pressing the Start button. Click the Control Panel after that and find the software uninstall key. If there is an option of selecting as a category, you can find the relation under the program section.

Now, the list of programs installed on your computer is shown. Find and select the Norton software from the list. Then choose Uninstall and wait until you finish the un-installation. The Norton Uninstall and Reinstall tool should be downloaded to proceed. Now, open NRnR.exe that is downloaded. Now, if you are looking for permission, accept it, and obey the instructions. After Norton has been enabled successfully, simply restart your computer and then check the error code status.

3: Repair Registry Entries related to Norton

If you want to fix Norton Error 3048 3 you can patch the incorrect registers in conjunction with Norton to delete Norton Security Error 3048 3. But note that the files and directories you intend to restore have to be backed up. First, browse the Start button and click on the Norton services. If the User Account Control appears on board, then you have to click on the Continue button.

See the right panel and choose the clean-up option for your registry. The registries are checked and a list is displayed in the window. Click the Repair icon and select the Continue button. Hopefully, this will allow you to find and fix the incorrect entries without delay.

Norton error 3048 3

The Norton Error 3048 3 is caused by several factors that are primarily responsible for this peculiar error code. Here is the list of possible reasons to neglect the problem further.

  • Temporary server down- The update system often stops working and is responsible for such an error because of its maintenance function. If so, then after a certain amount of time the issue will be resolved.
  • Corrupted Norton Installation-This problem can occur if any Norton file gets corrupted or missing. Users have stated that fixing these files would fix the problem.
  • Auto-Update stops working-If the function of Auto-Update doesn’t work, you will find the error very likely.
  • Faulty registry entries-Users can face the same error code when browsing the web due to corrupted or incorrect registry entries. With every browsing option, the error message constantly appears on the monitor.

Some of the symptoms of Norton Error 3048 3 include.

  • Randomly “Error 3048 3” is displayed and the active program window crashes.
  • When running the same program, your PC often crashes with Error 3048 3.
  • On your screen, you will see “Norton Error 3048 3 Windows 7.”
  • Windows works slowly to slowly react to the input of the mouse or keyboard.
  • Sometimes your computer will hang up for a couple of seconds.

The Norton Error 3048 3 messages can appear on your window while running Symantec software like Norton Antivirus. During any kind of program installation, startup, or shutdown or installation of the Windows operator you need to be very careful about this error. To correct the error it is very important to track the exact time and location of the error 3048 3. Below are some of the likely causes of the Norton Error 3048 3 antivirus error in Norton. Downloading Norton Antivirus is corrupted or the Norton Antivirus software is not fully installed.

  • Windows registry corruption is caused by recent software changes associated with Norton Antivirus while installing or uninstalling.
  • Infection by virus or malware, corruption of Windows system files, or program files linked to Norton Antivirus.
  • Files related to Norton Antivirus are deleted maliciously or erroneously from any other program.
  • The error can happen again so that various causes can be resolved to prevent it from happening again.

Norton error 3048

The Norton Error 3048 opens up a program window showing an error message which appears and crashes Norton Antivirus error 3048 3. It occurs primarily during program installation, when it is shut down or running on Windows, and also when a device related to Symantec is running. This error comes from the servers Symantec Live-Update, which are not easy to bind. Let us look at the root cause of Norton Error 3048 3.

  • It triggers Windows registry abuse due to a recent program update involving Norton Antivirus.
  • The computer can have a virus or malware infection with a Windows system or Norton Antivirus software files that have been infected.
  • Since the Norton Antivirus program is compromised or not completely installed.

If your computer faces a 3048 3 antivirus error then you can follow the enlisted steps to solve the problem:

  • Begin Norton and switch to the main window.
  • Click Security and press the Live-Update button. Click on the Security option.
  • Wait until the Live Update is complete. Click the OK button when the Norton Live-Update is complete.
  • Run Live-Update now until a message is displayed “The most recent protective updating of your Norton purchase.”
  • Restart the machine after that.
  • Then move to the next step if the problem continues and download and run the Uninstall and Reinstall tool in the next phase:
  • If the Norton family has been mounted, uninstall it before running the Norton Delete and Reinstall method.
  • Now, uninstall and reinstall the Norton Delete and add the file to the desktop Windows.

Norton auto fix error 3048.3

Norton auto fix error 3048.3 for Windows registry corruption is caused during installation or un-installation by a recent Norton Antivirus software application. Infection with viruses or malware that has infected your files in Windows or application software linked to Norton Antivirus can be difficult to tackle. Norton auto fix error 3048.3 is given step by step to tackle this problem.

Step 1: Registry Entries Repair

You shouldn’t manually edit your Windows registry unless you’re a professional because it could completely damage a system failure or your operating system. Your system can also be damaged by a small coma placing in the wrong place. It is highly recommended to correct the mistake using software such as ‘Win Thruster.’ Another program is the “Cleaner Registry” software, which automatically finds any incorrect or malicious entry.

Step 2: Conduce your PC with a malware scan.

Malware infection in your PS can likely be caused by mistake. To move into any such possibility, it is obligatory to use the malware scan. These malicious viruses can damage or even erase some of your system important execution error files. The Norton auto fix error 3048.3 can also occur because as runtime error is only part of the malicious program.

Step 3: Check your Junk folder for temp files and remove them.

Throughout the time the junk or temporary files continue to accumulate on your system while working on the internet. The clean-up of files is compulsory, as this might be the likely cause for Error 3048 3 if Norton antivirus is not allowed to work properly or slow down. This does not just mean that the performance of your system improves drastically.

Step 4: Update device drivers for your system.

Also, there may be 3048 3 errors due to un-updated or corrupt device drivers. You need to update your device drivers regularly to fix the error. This is because updating the drivers of the device or identifying the drivers related to errors is not easy.  

Nor is it technically feasible for everybody to install or update the right drivers. When the wrong driver is installed, the system can be very damaging and permanently shut off. The experts recommend driver updating tools like Driver Doc to automate the whole device driver update process.

Step 5: Use the Restore Windows System to Change.

You need to follow some steps to Norton auto fix error 3048.3 which can occur while you use your system that could cause the 3048 3 error. To correct the wrong steps taken, the Windows System Restore could go back and remedy the error. This simple step can help to avoid problems and to spend time finding the errors.

Step 6: Uninstall and Reinstall.

You may also uninstall and reinstall the Norton Antivirus software to correct the Norton antivirus error.

Step 7: Run Windows File Checker.

Windows File Checker helps you to scan files for corruption in Windows system files and restore them.

Step 8: Install Windows Updates that are available.

Microsoft’s team maintains fixing mistakes and aims to upgrade users to make the system stronger and stable. Often, refreshing Windows can only fix the 3048 3 error.


How do I turn on Auto-Protect on Norton?

To turn on auto protect on Norton then click the button on the screen for the Norton Antivirus. Select Norton Antivirus Norton and click on Auto-Protect connection and select ok.

Why is my Norton security not installing?

In case your Norton security is not installing then you need to restart your machine to solve this dilemma. If there is an issue, you need to reinstall the protection software of third parties before installing Norton. You need to uninstall AST to continue with the installation of your Norton software. You can reinstall AST and update your Norton order.

Why does Norton keep saying it is at risk?

Norton attempts to activate the disabled function or attempts to change the definitions or run a scan depending on the security status of your device. Norton shows “Browsing in Danger” because the default web browser does not have the Norton Safe extension enabled or disabled.

Why does Norton not work with Windows 10?

Based on users installed in Windows 10 with Norton Protection they cannot be upgraded with Insider. This is a major concern, as you can see because it could make the framework unstable while not attempting to implement the latest features of Microsoft.

Why can't I disable Auto-Protect on Norton?

You need to log into your computer with an admin user account to temporarily switch off Norton Security. Those settings can seem to be disabled for the regular user accounts. Then you should right-click on the Norton icon and then click on the Disable Auto-Protection in the Notification field on the taskbar.

How do I fix Norton Security?

To fix Norton Security you need to click on the Delete option and Run Norton Download and Run. The Norton Uninstall and Reinstall Tool are available for free.  Press Ctrl+J to open the browser’s Download window. Click the NRnR icon and click on the accord to read the license document. Click on edit and press continues or deletes. At last, you can restart your system.

Does Norton update automatically?

While your subscription is active, Norton makes it easy to automatically receive updates that help protect you from emerging threats.

How do I know if my Norton is up to date?

If you want to know about the status of your Norton antivirus then you can install the software of Norton Antivirus. You can double click on the screen or you can access the software from the Start menu to now about the status of your antivirus. Look for the product window for “Subscription Fee,” “Renewal Date,” or “Remaining days.”

Why can't I access my Norton Account?

You can check your access to your Norton antivirus if your Norton antivirus is not working. When you are unable to login to your Norton website account, you’re your can restart your system and try to login to Norton again. If you cannot sign up for the Norton account yet then you can wait an hour and try Norton’s signing in.

Can Norton stop hackers?

Norton Antivirus sometimes prevents hackers but does not have complete hacker security. Norton Antivirus will shield your device from all of the techniques that hackers use to access your machine so it’s also a firewall that blocks hackers from accessing your device.

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