How to link mobile number with Aadhar card online with/without otp

Linking Aadhar with a mobile number is essential to prevent fraudulent Aadhar card issues and use.

If you are planning to verify your Aadhar card, there are two ways to do it.

How to link a mobile number with Aadhar card with or without OTP?

1. Online verification through OTP generation

People using the online method need to go with OTP generation. If you plan to link your mobile number with your Aadhar card, this is the process you must follow.

link mobile number with aadhar card online
  • Enter your Aadhar verified mobile number on your telecom operator’s website if you plan to update your mobile number in Aadhar online.
  • You will receive an OTP in your mobile number as soon as you enter the Aadhar number.
  • Add this OTP in the given space and then tap the Submit button.
  • Next, you would see a request on your screen asking you to add the 12-digit Aadhar number.
  • An OTP would be sent to your mobile number with a message as an agreement towards using e-KYC details.
  • While entering the OTP, the checkbox below the terms and conditions has to be checked.
  • Once the information is submitted, your mobile number will send a confirmation message about the re-verification process.

2. Offline verification through IVRS or by visiting the center.

You can also use a mobile center to confirm the linking of the Aadhar card and the mobile number.

You can receive the code through the IVRS technique, or you could directly visit an Aadhar enrolment center to complete the process to change your mobile number in Aadhar online. An official designated can make the change online which would then reflect for you.

How to change Aadhar mobile number online?

Change of registered mobile number in the Aadhar card online site is not possible. You will have to physically visit an Aadhar Kendra to update or change your mobile number. 

  • Carry the Aadhar card when visiting the Aadhar enrollment center.
  • Find out your nearest Aadhar enrollment center from the given link.
  • Ask for an update and fill-up the form meant for requesting the mobile number change.
  • After the request is processed, you will receive an updated request number (URN). The status of the Aadhar number can be checked online from your official Aadhar website.
  • To alter the mobile number, you must pay a fifty rupee charge to the Aadhar enrollment official.
  • They will also capture your most recent photograph within the office premises.

How to check which mobile number is registered on my Aadhar card?

An Aadhar card must be linked with one or the other mobile number. But if you cannot determine which of them is linked to it, you can follow these few steps to confirm.

  • On the Telecommunication website, enter a mobile number where you can receive your OTP.
  • The OTP will be sent to your mobile number, which you must add to the portal.
  • You are moved to a page where you can view all the mobile numbers that have been linked or had been connected to your Aadhar card.
  • If you see many unnecessary mobile numbers added to your Aadhar, report them to remove them from your Aadhar card.

How to check if my mobile number is linked to Aadhar card?

To find out the mobile number linked to your Aadhar card, you’ll have to use the below-given steps.

  • Visit the official Aadhar card website or Aadhar card mobile number registration online link and then click on the My Aadhar segment. 
  • Next, choose the ‘verify the email or mobile number’ tab.
  • Add your 12-digit mobile number, and then add your mobile and email contact details again.
  • Complete the verification process by entering the Captcha correctly.
  • Add the OTP and then click on Submit to view the mobile number entered in the Aadhar website now.

How to get Aadhar card mobile number update form?

You can get the form to link Aadhar with a mobile number from your nearest Aadhar enrollment center.

How much aadhar card link with mobile number charges?

To link, change or add a mobile number in Aadhar card, you must pay a fee of Rs. 50/-.


Here’s all about the various processes involved with the update and change of Aadhar card information. Read it and use it whenever required.

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