New BOM Weather App Australia [2024] For Android, iOS Free

Do you want someone to narrate the weather update every morning when you wake up? Then you should definitely try out the New Bom weather app Australia. It is one of the most accessible weather forecast applications that you would want to have on your phone. Download the free weather app Australia right now.

New BOM weather app Australia

BOM weather app australia

Bom App is completely free to download and works in ways more than one. Let your fingertips do all the talking, and you can have the most accurate weather updates ever!

Now that you know the name, let’s dive deeper do understand the working mechanism and the detailing associated with this application. 

What new can you get in Bom App?

According to the 3.0.1 hotfix, there is a lot of stability in the features, and the user experience is quite smooth. Not only that but numerous design elements have been integrated to bring out a better look and feel.

For example, Bom App comes with a tablet design and features like a pan and zooms rain radar. There is also a perfect weather mood background, and the details will be available for the upcoming 72 hours. 

In addition to that, an individual can also get a prior warning according to the current location, which will change according to the location of the user. Also, there is UV protection information which would be available four days beforehand. If you live in a windy place, you can get a clear insight regarding the speed of the wind in a km/hr unit. 

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Free Weather app features

  • The other family members can share this application, and up to six individuals will be able to share a single forum. 
  • Accurate weather information is something that all the users will be able to expect. The positive feedbacks have been an affirmation of the same. 
  • There will be a forecast for fire danger as well as high UV radiation. 
  • The user will be able to search for any specific location in and around Australia and also check out the current location. 

If there is any natural disaster, the users will also be able to get hourly forecast information three days before. Bom app download right now. It is available on the Apple Store as well as Google Play and operating it will be a matter of minutes.

Bom App is rendered as the official website of Australia and has been able to secure a 4.3 rating of 5. So what are you waiting for when the install button is right there?


Is the BOM weather app free?

Yes, it is absolutely free of cost and you can download it from Playstore and the Apple store.

Does BOM have a widget?

Yes, On the app dashboards there is a widget option. From where you can select a variety of options.

Is Bom accurate?

Yes, it is a new weather app, and people loved it so much because of its accurate results. It has ratings of 4.1 stars on the Playstore.

What is the most accurate weather app for Australia?

BOM Australia application is one of the most accurate weather apps. It gives you the following information. Temperature Weather icon Possible rainfall range Current weather Wind in km/h and knots Humidity Rain.

Note: If the BOM Weather app now working in android, iOS. Then try to reinstall the latest version of the app.

It’s all about the BOM Weather app download and about its features. I hope you liked it.

Thank you.

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