How to use Freeform App on Android/iphone (Guide 2024)?

Have you any information about the apple freeform app? Apple has come with a new update in the form of a brainstorming app known as the freeform app. Apple has come with new features with the freeform app, like security improvements and Apple music sing.

When you update your iPhone to IOS 16.2 version, then the freeform app is automatically installed on your device. This article is written on the freeform app, including how to use the process, features, reviews, Halloween movies, not working solution, and many more.

What is the freeform app?

freeform app

The freeform app is referred to as the extension of the notes app that comes with advanced features. The freeform app allows you to do anything on the digital whiteboard. It is one of the best productivity apps you can use on your smartphone.

You can easily sketch down your idea, use a pen to keep your thoughts, add colors, draw pictures, attach images, collaborate with your collagenous and friends, send the complete drafts to anyone, share your boards on the face call, etc. through the freeform app. 

How to use the freeform app?

After understanding the meaning of the freeform app, now it is time to know the right way to use it. To use the freeform app on your device, you must create the new freeform board on your iPhone. Let us first understand how to create.

How to create the freeform board on your apple device?

Here are the simple ways to create the freeform board on iPhone.

  • Click on the new board icon at the home page bottom side of the freeform app.
  • Now, you can see the blank and new whiteboard, where you can begin the work on your creativity.

1. Notes icon

  • On the bottom left side, tap on the notes icons
  • Click on yellow sticky notes double time to type next
  • Click on the sticky note again to change the font style, color, size, etc., of the background
  • Click on +icon to add the different sticky notes and then customize the selected icon according to your desire

2. Shapes icon

  • Tap on the shapes icon at the bottom side next to the notes icon
  • Select the various shapes from different categories on the upper panel. Some of the shapes available are objects, basic, geometry, symbols, food, nature, animals, places, people, activities, etc
  • Find the particular shape quickly with the help of the search icon present in the top left corner
  • By default, all the shapes are available in blue color, but you can also change the shape color by a tap on it
  • You can also change the outline of the shape with the help of a pen icon

3. Text icon

  • Tap on the text icon from the bottom side to place plain text into it
  • Change the color, font, and text by tapping it on one more time

4. Sketch icon

  • You have to click on the sketch icon to write or draw something by choosing the color and form of the pen.
  • Remember that you can always undo the wrong drawing by clicking on the back icon at the top left corner of the page.

5. Image icon

  • Click on the image icon at the bottom if you want to add links, documents, images, etc.
  • It is easy to crop the image after inserting it

6. Three dot icon

  • Tap on three horizontal dots on the top right side if you want to rename the work, convert it into PDF, or set it into favorite, etc.

7. Share icon

  • On the top right side, you have to click on the share icon to invite people to collaborate and share your work with them.

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How to use freeform app on vizio smart tv?

The ability of different installed apps on Vizio smart tv is based on a platform that is running on. If we talk about the freeform app, you can use the freeform on your VIZIO smart TV after being connected to the internet. Once you connect the Vizio smart TV, you can use the freeform app on it.

Connect the Vizio smart tv to the internet

You can connect the Vizio smart Tv to the internet in different ways, as the interface on the screen to different people looks different. This interface is determined by the platform on which the smart Tv is running.

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How to install the freeform app?

You can easily install the freeform app on iPhone or a PC. Read on the methods to know about both ways of installing the freeform app on iPhone or PC.

How to install the freeform app on iPhone?

  • First, you have to install the latest 16.2 on iPhone
  • On iPhone, open your app store
  • Search for the freeform apple app
  • Click on the install button

How to install the freeform app on a PC

There are three different ways to install the freeform app on PC, by blue stack app player, by Nox app player, in windows 11

1.      Install freeform by BlueStacks app player

BlueStacks is an android app player that lets you operate android apps, like a freeform app on a PC. Here are the ways you should follow to install the freeform app by blue stacks

  • First, install the BlueStacks on Pc
  • Launch it
  • Once this app player launches, tap on the button of my apps in the emulator.
  • Search for app freeform
  • When the freeform app is searched and installed it
  • Log in to your Google account from google play on this blue stacks app player
  • Then, the installation process starts based on an internet connection

2.      Install the freeform by Nox app player

Here are the simple steps you should follow to install the freeform app by Nox app player

  • Install the Nox player on the PC
  • Nox player is an emulator in android; after installing it on a PC and logging in to your Google account.
  • Now, search for freeform on the tab
  • On the Nox emulator, install the freeform on it
  • Once the process of installation is complete, you will be able to play freeform on a PC

3.      Install the freeform in windows 11

If you want to install the freeform in windows 11, here are the steps you should follow

  • Install the Google play store in your windows 11
  • Run the play store, and log in to your Google account
  • Search for the freeform app on the tab and click on it to install it
  • Only install it, and you will be likely to complete it on android devices.

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Here are the freeform app’s features that define its functions and performance for users.

  •  The freeform apple app helps users organize and highlight the canvas’s content.
  • This way, the freeform app allows sharing, seeing, and collaborating on all things without worrying about page sizes and layouts.
  • The freeform app helps the users to enable a broad range of files and preview the inline without the board leaving.
  • Freeform apps are specially made for collaboration and make it simple and easy for users to invite others and come together on board to work.
  •  The best thing is that the freeform boards are stored in cloud-based DVDs so the users can easily stay in sync with the other devices.


The freeform application is a whiteboard that helps apple users to engage in creative brainstorming and collaborative planning. Apple has released the freeform app to make efforts for collaborative devices and more friendly devices for users.

It is the best app for employees and students who want to work together on projects. The apple freeform app allows you to scribble, post rapidly, and draw sticky notes. The basic setup of freeform is in the way that is referred to as an infinite whiteboard, and several users can easily type, write, and draw on it.

How to get a freeform app on Vizio smart tv?

The Vizio smart TV is the one that permits you to install the freeform app. You can easily get the freeform app on VIA platforms and VIA plus. Here are the following methods to install the freeform app on VIA plus and VIA platforms.

VIZIO Via plus ( VIZIO internet app plus)

  • Press the button of V button two times on remotes
  • On the window screen of VIA Plus, you can see the installed apps under my apps tab.
  • Browse through the latest, featured, categories, and all tabs to find the freeform that you want to install
  • Hold the ok button until the name of the freeform app has been added to your my app lists.

VIZIO internet platforms

  • Click on the V button on remote
  • Tap on the connected TV store
  • Select all apps
  • Navigate to the available list of apps and tap on the ok button to get the desired app, like freeform, to install it
  • Choose the install app in the lower left side of the screen

Halloween movies on the freeform app

The annual celebration of the freeform app starts on October 1 and continues till 31 Halloween night. From Halloween favorites, like hotel Transylvania and hocus pocus, to classics, like Tim burton and ghostbusters, freeform makes the spookier October with literally Halloween hours full of entertainment.

One of the major concerns about switching the streaming app and cutting the cord is missing out on traditional cable offerings. The best thing is that you will always experience every moment of your family’s favorite Halloween movies if you have access to streaming services.

How do you watch ’31 Nights of Halloween’ on the Freeform app?

31 nights of Halloween start from October 1 on the freeform app. This year’s lineup spooks the tacular more than earlier. It is the time to collect your coven and gather spellbinding entertainment throughout October.

Here we are going to tell you about some of the Halloween nights schedules for the different week


October 1, Saturday

7 am –Edward’s Scissorhands

9:10a.m- The witches

11:20a.m- The haunted mansion

1:25pm-Tim burton’s the nightmare before Christmas

3:05 pm- Hotel transylvania

October 2, Sunday

7 am- The witches

9:10 am- Halloween magic

10:10am- Halloweentown

12:15 pm- Hotel Transylvania

2:20 pm- Hotel Transylvania 2


3oct, Monday

1 pm- Freeform premiere of buffy the vampire slayer

3 pm- Ghostbusters

5:30 pm- Ghostbusters

8 pm- Ghostbusters 2016

4oct, Tuesday

11:30am- Ghostbusters

2 pm- Ghostbusters

4:30 pm- Edward Scissorhands

7 pm- Maleficent

and continues till October 29. Here are some shows for October 31

31oct, Thursday

10:30 pm- Ghostbusters

1 pm- The haunted mansion

5 pm- maleficent

Is there a freeform app on Roku

Yes, the freeform app is available on Roku. To get the freeform app on Roku, you must move to settings first and then choose the sign-in method to watch to prompt the activation instructions.

Is there a freeform app for firestick?

Yes, you can easily access the freeform content on your fire stick or your TV. Once you connect to the TV provider by firestick, you can use the freeform app.

Does freeform have an Xbox app?

Yes, the freeform has the Xbox app. You can easily access the freeform content on the Xbox app, the same as if you made access to another app using a Tv provider.

What channel is freeform on the spectrum app?

The channel list on the spectrum app is varied by area. For Charlotte, the app is available on 29 channels, whereas for Dothan, the app is available on 52 channels.

What streaming app has freeform?

Many streaming apps have freeform, including Hulu, Roku, etc.

Are pretty little liars on the freeform app?

Yes, the pretty little liars are on the freeform app in the form of a fourth-titled series. Freeform is the original network that released the fourth series, named Pretty Little liars.

Are shadowhunters on the freeform app?

Yes, shadow hunters are available on the freeform app. You can watch the shadowhunters Tv show online by streaming on the freeform app.

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