How to Install and use Chamet app? [Get 1k Free Diamonds]

Innumerable social media platforms are available around the market in today’s world. Which one you choose depends on your convenience. For those who want to use a platform to communicate with people overseas and need a perfect ongoing translator; you could choose the Chamet app. Through the app, people are also finding means of living and if you want to know more about the app, read on.

What is Chamet app?

A private social media app called the Chamet app allows you to voice chat and make video calls. With the help of the Chamet app, you can talk to strangers, and is considered as one of the best platforms to explore. Live streaming is possible through the Chamet app and getting on video calling is just as easy as it might seem with the app.

However, to operate the Chamet app, you will need coins or cash cards. The Chamet app allows you to spend coins to take video calls. With the help of the Chamet app, you also have the potential to earn coins.

There are certain permissions the Chamet app needs from you when you are using it.

  • Camera for video calls
  • Location for location matching if you want to go for it
  • Photo Library
  • Notifications
  • Microphone for talking

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Here are the following features that need to be known about the Chamet app.

  • Video chatting is available with friends 

One-on-one video calling option is available for people who want to try the Chamet app.

  • Do innumerable video calls

Call anyone and everyone as many times as you want using the Chamet app.

  • Translations on the spot

You no longer need to talk only to those who understand your language. Now, with the help of the app, you can talk to almost anyone on Earth as it offers you the right translation tool that does an instantaneous translation.

  • The login process is quick and very easy

Logging in is easy and you can use Facebook, Google, or phone number to log in. Live video chat or text chat and sending gifts are possible through the app.

How to download Chamet app?

Visit any third party appstore and then search for the app in the search box. Once you find your app, click on it and wait for the download to happen. After the download is complete, you must run the app for installation.

Also, ensure you have given sufficient permissions to ensure you can download apps from third party appstores other than Google and Apple.

How to use app?

Here’s how you can use the Chamet app.

  • After you download Chamet app you must be installing it, you can click on the More Options tab and then choose the phone option.
  • Add the phone number and confirm the same by adding the OTP.
  • Choose your gender, birthdate, and nickname, and click on the complete tab.

Next, add yourself up as a host.

  • Enter your Chamet ID and phone number.
  • Next, click on the member list and then go to the hostess list.
  • Use the add button and put your member’s ID and phone number then click on the submit tab.

When you do so, the host will receive a joining invite and next, one must complete the Chamet face verification process.

For face verification, you must do the following;

  1. Visit My Earnings and then go to the My Wallet option.
  2. Press on the Face verification option and follow the quick steps as per the prompts.
  3. As a Chamet app hostess, you can earn 10000 beans to get $1.
  4. Try party room, live streaming and random match options to get where you want to.

How to get 1k free diamonds in Chamet app?

To get free diamonds on Chamet app in the Chamet app, you need to follow the following way.

  1. Visit the site MxTakaTakMX and then you will need to scroll down.
  2. From the several important links marked on the site, you will need to click on the free coins for the Chamet app link.
  3. Submit your user ID and real name and next, click on the submit link.

How to get 2k free diamonds on Chamet app?

There is a site called CUTEU where you can find free diamonds on the Chamet app for the Chamet app. Open the app and then go down to find the 2k diamonds link for Chamet app. Claim it by adding your User ID and also your name.

How to earn in Chamet app?

Here is how you can earn with the Chamet app and these are some of the ways people on Chamet frequently use to earn.

  1. Paid subscriptions are a way to earn as that gets them access to exclusive content.
  2. Virtual gifts are also a way people can pay for them. It happens with a PK competition.
  3. You can create sponsored content for different brands.
  4. Becoming a brand ambassador is also possibly one of the best ways to earn.

To make money from the Chamet app, you have to follow the simple process.

  1. Once you have created an account for yourself, you will need to add a bio, and profile picture and also update your status. Even fake profile pictures are fine.
  2. From the homepage live option you need to click it open and then users will be able to see you.
  3. After which you start receiving calls from them and you can start chatting with them using video calls.
  4. The more video calls you can do, the more money you can earn from the app.

How to withdraw money from Chamet app?

There is no process for withdrawal after you have entered your bank details. At 09:00 PM every Sunday, the app finalizes your amount and you get paid every Thursday at 09:00 pm.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Chamet app legit?

It is a legitimate social media app and you can use it to earn more money.

Is Chamet app safe?

It is a completely safe app and people can earn easily from the Chamet app.

Is Chamet app free?

It is a paid app and one needs to pay to start live streaming or video calls but you get paid as well. Also there are no charges to download the Chamet app.


Here is everything about the Chamet app that you need to know and understand more about it. You must start by knowing how to download Chamet app. The Chamet app will allow people to earn easily.

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