Free Games Coming to Epic Games Store Starting August 24th

What are you looking at? As a gamer buying all your favorite games is a drill in your pockets. But what if you could now play some of your favorite games for free? Here we talk what’s free on Epic Games this week.

Epic Games has already made three games available to the public and these are the ones that are free on Epic Games. 

  1. Black Book which is a darker RPG. It serves as a reminder of the old arcade games. It is a puzzle-filled platform using which you can navigate through the different stages of Slavik mythology.
  2. Dodo Peak is a puzzle- filled platform and you need to navigate through several tricky stages. You can collect coins, save the babies, and evade different enemies in the process.
  3. Homeworld- Desert of the Kharak: It will be free for a week from 24th August 2023.

There will be a next changeover that will happen on 31st August 2023.

Until that happens, all these three games will be free for you.

The free games were released on 27th July and even those who have the Homeworld 1 and 2 can also benefit from getting the Deserts of Kharak for free. The Homeworld video games brings different features and here are the most essential features of the game.

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  • Origin Story and more!

An anomaly will rise with the players in the southern part and you need to follow Rachel’s journey.

  • Diversification of fleet

Land and air vehicles can be controlled easily. Small attack units to massive cruisers, all become a part of it.

  • Expanding environments

Battles across the dunes, craters, and canyons are to be fought as per the maps available.

  • Combat using tactical means

Create an ambush and strategically use it to your advantage.

  • Making strategic choices

Manage your resources, arrange your fleets, and participate in technological research to increase your chances of survival.

  • Online multiplayer option

Use ranked play and resort to various modes to rise to the level of Fleet Captain or Kharak.

You can try 3D space combat with the series and the games provide you with enriching narrative aside articulate visual designs. The Deserts of Kharak is a prequel to the original RTS classics. They offer ground-based combative methods compared to interstellar battles. 

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Find out more about what you want from it. Here is everything about the free games that you need to know about. Understand if it will serve you as a vantage point and if it does wait for just another 3 days to find out about the deserts of Kharak.

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