Twitter Deletes User Photos from 2011-2014

X has deleted photos of users which were published by them between the middle of 2011 to 2014. Tom Coates was the first person to have noticed the discrepancy on Saturday when he posted about it. When he did, he tweeted the same and also notified people that all the links posted from this time were also broken. However, he said the data is still saved on Twitter servers.

But, there was an exception. Recently, Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie that got a whopping 2.8 million retweets holds the record for being the most retweeted post ever. On Saturday afternoon, X restored that particular image alongwith the tweet of Barrack Obama hugging Michelle Obama after the 2012 re-election.

Why such a change was done- was it a glitch in the system or was it done on purpose no one knows much about it. Reddit users commented on the Datahoarder board and tried finding out the reasons for this happening.

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According to some, X broke off something when making an effort to migrate Twitter to

Some also believe that X is cutting costs by trying to save money on image hosting fees. But X hasn’t come back with any confirmation and does not clarify anything right now.

In between X has welcomed many people who are controversial in some of the other ways. Thus, people really are trying to make sense of what could have gone wrong during this period.

What happened in-between, to the X’s users

Kanye West, neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes, Laura Loomer, Roger Stone, Donald Trump, Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, Matt Walsh, and even an account that published child abuse materials are some names. While rationalizing the child abuse image hosting site, X said some accounts are sharing child abuse images due to the outrage and that cannot be a rational cause of blocking these accounts. However, experts believe it would re-victimize the child’s trauma and favor only a zero-tolerance approach in this regard.

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Some of the accounts have been getting acted upon straight from Elon Musk who is either supporting them or coming out and speaking in their favor.

Undoubtedly, he has revolutionized Twitter into a new brand called X. We are yet to see its progress and with such a visionary as he is standing behind it, there have to be some crucial reasons why X came forward to take up this move. What would he do next and how will X change our lives given since Twitter’s time, it has already served to be an irreplaceable platform for everybody

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