Temu: The App That Lets You ‘Shop Like a Billionaire

Sunglasses at $4, smartwatches for $28 and shaving blade refills at less than $5!

Can you believe it? Temu is the app where you can get these price ranges for the goods you purchase from them.

Temu exists and most people are aware of their existence. It is an online shopping center and has recently moved its headquarters from China to Ireland. The site is owned by RR Holdings although their site claims the site was founded in Boston. RR Holdings was established in 2015 in China. Temu is a Chinese app that has transferred its base to Ireland to prevent the scrutiny; Chinese apps are facing from the US.

The reason why Temu is in the news is its immensely cheap prices of clothing. You can get everything from the site but at a much-reduced cost. It is functioning as an e-commerce site selling clothes and different household items. The site has also gained huge popularity in Canada where people are struggling to keep up with the immensely high cost of living. Canadians can balance their cost of living as gas pumps and grocery stores claim all their income- rising interest rates and high inflation has led to such ordeals.

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How does the Temu app sell to people at such cheap prices?

Temu uses some tactic unknown to exist in other marketplaces to date. It would mean they are opening up the marketplace in a different way. They claim, with the help of the app and the site, shoppers come to a marketplace where they can buy directly from the retail factories. These factories are primarily based in China and the Chinese market is opening up its factories to the customers.

On 2nd August 2023, it was found to be the No.2 free app on the Apple appstore in Canada. Since the beginning of 2023, Temu has included almost 10 million US customers on the site. The app seems to directly compete with Shein as industry observers reveal.

People are also earning discounts by asking other shoppers to shop from Temu, in short, from references.

Those who play games on their apps can win free goods and prizes from their site. 

But constant scrutiny is what apps like Shein and Temu face from the US cite privacy concerns and also point to an infringement of labor practices. 

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Temu buys cotton from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and has reportedly detained the citizens without citing any cause. It seems they are the ones behind making these products that are sold to people at such cheap prices. Recently, letters were received not just by Temu but also by Adidas, Nike, and Shein from the US House committee who believe these companies are using forced labor works from prisoners of Uyghur.

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