ChatGPT for Android available In India, USA and other countries

ChatGPT for Android rollout is happening in Bangladesh, India, and Brazil apart from the US. Over the next few weeks, they plan to roll out Chat GPT in additional countries. Before being available on Android devices, the Chat GPT app was available only for iOS users. But with it getting launched for Android users, people can now download it from Google Playstore. All those having version 6 and above Android models can use Chat GPT on their phones.

Anyone can get an answer and can carry out a two-sided conversation with the app. You can also tweak the response, tone, and style of response using certain types of prompts. What would the mobile app serve you? It could be used to find out about old chats even in an offline mode. With the future of ChatGPT holding an offline version, you could easily find great use of the app.

There was an OpenAI tweet that read about its rolling out in India, Bangladesh, Brazil, and the US. When you try to download the app, you might find several apps with the ChatGPT name on them. Under such circumstances how do you confirm which one you’re supposed to download? It’s simple, just look for OpenAI in the developer or the distributor’s name.

After logging in, you will need to register with your ID. Those new to ChatGPT can create one using their Apple or Google ID.

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How do you work with ChatGPT?

chat gpt for android

The app will work simply once you start using it. Simply type what you want in the box to which ChatGPT will host a reply. Those who want can click on the hamburger menu or the three lines. From these horizontal lines, you will have more options to try. You can delete or rename your old chat if you like. With this app, you could also try voice input.

If you look around the Settings menu, you will come across several essential features. From the data control option present under the settings tab, you can enable or disable the chat history. Alongside this, you can adjust the scheme of colors, haptic feedback, and also the main language in which you communicate.

With the ChatGPT app, you can still not opt for the ChatGPT Plus. ChatGPT app is built on Open AI’s new generation GPT-4 LLM (large language model). GPT-4 is beneficial as it will allow you to upload images. If you can’t get GPT Plus using the app, how can you get it then? IOS users can get it by paying Rs. 1999 every month.

But when you have the ChatGPT app, you can’t entirely delete the account, and not easily. It means only if you truly need Chat GPT for anything, do create an account and then make the best use of it.

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