Whatsapp Is Planning a Major Redesign for Its Android App; Check It Out!

Whatsapp is on a feature offering spree and wants to bring everything together for their users and UI interface ease is what it is majorly targeting this season.

We are aware of what Whatsapp is planning for us- better options for everything are coming up for everyone. Chats, calls, and communities, it is providing an option for everyone.

They have provided us with

  • New Mac app,
  • A feature for screen sharing,
  • Sending HD (high definition) photos
  • Doing your meetings with your screen placed horizontally instead of being placed vertically.

After all this, we might find or see a redesign of Whatsapp surfacing up for us. According to reports, Meta is already working on the redesign plan and wishes to tweak the app making it user-friendly for people.

Now, Whatsapp on Android will be capable of gaining the iOS look. The navigation bar will appear on the downside to make it easier for people to use it. In version, the navigation tab was shifted below once. 

Recently, they also announced they would enable users to share WhatsApp status updates on Facebook more easily going forth. They are also working on creating animated emojis for people.

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What about the major Whatsapp redesign changes?

It would influence the creation of a white top bar giving up the green one. The revamp happening is based on the Material Design 3 platform. The green would entirely not leave and will include a few UI elements to get painted in green.

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What will appear in green on WhatsApp redesign for Its Android app?

Things that will remain green on WhatsApp are;

  • Whatsapp logo
  • Archived symbol
  • New chat icon
  • There will be some more icons appearing in green but right now the same is not decided.

 The aim is to derive uniformity between the iOS and the Android platforms to go for a redesign for Its Android app.

We would also see All, Read, Personal, and Business filter options below in the navigation bar. These changes will appear for both iOS and Android users simultaneously. Communities, Chats, Status, and calls will come up on a larger screen and it means you can operate Whatsapp now with a single hand. You have to wait for that particular version when you will be able to witness all these newly coming changes.

Keyboards will be revamped for the users using Android devices. The revamped keyboard is also an option that is still undergoing late developmental phases. With version on Google Playstore, the app’s keyboard tweaks are available easily.

They have also removed the categories bar thereby bringing the selection bar below. They would also be removing the bar that provides different emojis and their categories. It might make things difficult for those who rely on and reply only through emojis. If the emoji bar is removed, each time a user wants to use an emoji will need to search for it from the emoji pool.

With all these major redesign for Its Android app options, what else might be waiting for us from Whatsapp? If there is more of an exhaustive list that we might encounter shortly, it would be good to know all at once. Whatsapp is a lifeline for many, and what’s happening with it is always a lot of people’s business.

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