Arleen Sorkin, ‘Days of Our Lives’ star, dead at 67

She was a part of DC and after her decade long battle with multiple sclerosis, Arleen Sorkin’s death and life has taken a new form for her. She died on 24 August 2023 and her death was confirmed by her television writer-producer husband Christopher Lloyd. Sorkin was 67 at the time of her death. Most of her friends have expressed deep grief at her loss and almost everybody quoted her as a brilliant human being apart from being an exceptional actress. She is survived by her husband (married in 1995), two brothers, and her two sons.

Sorkin became famous as Harley Quinn and she provided her voice to the character. She has used her normal Brooklyn accent and shows off a little Yiddish sound into it. She was accepted with her voice and was accepted into the DC comic animated series.

Arleen Sorkin’s death and her life and what she has participated in;

  • The New Batman Adventures
  • Static Shock
  • Justice League
  • Gotham Girls
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

She has long been a part of the film world and apart from her voicing gigs; she did a few films, her first movie was Trading Places released in 1983 for which she remained unaccredited. Sorkin has done Comic Book: The Movie last in 2004 and played Ms. Q (Studio Secretary).

Apart from some films, she has done a lot of television. Her first television series, Days of Our Lives, began in 1984 and she played Calliope Jones in 427 episode series. Sorkin was active till 2004 and she has also been a part of video games with her voice of Harley Quinn coming to an end with the 2011 DC Universe online.

Harley Quinn’s role was later taken over by many including Tara Strong, Kaley Cuoco, and even Margot Robbie after Sorkin. Strong feels she is one of the most strong, talented goddesses who has lived through these years.

Sorkin is known for her other roles which include Duet, Ted & Venus, I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore, and her cameo in Fraiser which had Lloyd as the executive producer.

As a screenwriter, she penned shows like How to Marry a Millionaire and also Fired Up. She was a face that would be remembered for quite a long time. The best part of being on the screen rests in the fact that they leave their trails that will be easily reachable by people who love them. If you like her and watch her, you’ll know her energy is all around those she loves.

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