Rapper Lil Tay Confirms She Is Alive Following Reports of Her Death

Lil Tay has confirmed she is alive and well and so is her brother, Jason Tian. Her followers were shocked as the news spread around like wildfire. Lil Tay has 3.5 million followers on her Instagram handle. As her social media account got hacked, someone released it and as now she has taken the control back she came back to everyone. She suddenly rose to fame following showcasing of her extravagant lifestyle on social media.

How old is she? She is just a 14-year old kid. Her Wikipedia account still shows her death date as August 2023. Worldwide several media houses reported her death following confusion which kind of led to the spreading of false information.

Tay Tian aka Lil Tay was born in America in 2008/2009 to Christopher J Hope, a lawyer, and Angela Tian, a real estate agent. They never married and share the custody of Tay Tian. Tay also shares Canadian citizenship. She is a child rapper by profession. She seems to be the youngest flashing ‘Flexer’ of the century. Tay gained prominence with her rapping videos on YouTube and Instagram. Tay suddenly attracted millions of followers to her account.

Why is Lil Tay known around the world?

At the age of nine, she rose to fame and got known all around for her display of designer clothes with her rapping across YouTube videos. Her mother and her 16-year-old half-brother went along living and working alongside various social media influencers. She got known when a three-episode TV documentary, Life with Lil Tay was created. During a short span of 6 months, Tay garnered 2.4 million social media followers.

Several media outlets soon began criticizing Tay’s extravagant life and wrong use of words while rapping. It seems the shootings were done in luxurious homes which her mother would be working with. Her mother also lent out her boss’s Mercedes Benz 550L for shooting the videos.

It was somewhat described as a staged brother-mother duo and Lil Tay was just following whatever she was told to do. The Guardian reported there was a real conflict in the family between all four members and her manager Harry Tsang when Lil Tay opted out of social media.

Thus, when the news of her demise spread, followers from all over the world got into a shock state. Suspicion rose when her mother and her agent denied confirming the brother’s and sister’s death. Later Tay released a video where she came live and spoke to all her fans confirming her health, sanity, and safety.

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