Taylor Swift Unveils “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”: “My Most Favorite Re-record Ever!”

Taylor Swift, the most phenomenal singer of the century with various laurels to her credit is re-recording her first six albums. Following the spree, you will next be delightfully entertained by the 1989 (Taylor’s version) release. The musical re-release by Swift is being done in an attempt to own her albums all by herself.

When Big Machine Records sold her first six albums to Scooter Braun, Swift was not happy with it. Braun later sold the rights of the music albums to a private equity firm. To disapprove of the move, she voiced it out and also said she would re-record all the albums she had created with Big Machine in her initial years.

The album 1989 will be released on 27 October 2023. In 2014, the album 1989 was released on 27th October and she chose the same date for the re-release.

If you want to know which albums she has re-recorded, then here goes the list.

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1989 upcoming

After 1989, she will be left with her debut album, Taylor Swift’s release, and also her 2017’s release Reputation. Interestingly, her fans knew and she garnered enough attention.

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How did her fans guess it was 1989 before anyone could speculate?

Fans could guess it to be 1989 as they have eyes all over her parties, life, and all the press releases and so on.

  • With her final release I can see you, she is seen to be driving with Taylor Lautner and Joey King when the road holds a sign that reads 1989 TV.
  • In her 7th July Instagram post, she wishes belated Independence Day by hosting a party at the islands of Rhode Island beach house with a hint that reads 1989 re-record.
  • She also took a Polaroid picture of herself with Selena Gomez and the Haim sisters. Even the 1989 album is shot using a Polaroid camera.
  • The 4th July party at her summer home depicted the typical 1989 era.
  • On 28th July, wearing a blue dress she poses in front of the ocean and carves a cryptic message that reads, ‘The air is getting pretty salty.’
  • When during her 9th August concert tour, Swift swapped all four previous dresses with their blue versions, fans were seemingly clear.
  • Blue is the album color and even before the announcement, her website turned blue.

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With all these hints, most of her fans knew it was 1989 that was to hit the shelves next.

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