4 New WhatsApp Features You Must Know About [2024]

What could you do with the features Meta brings to you this new season? You could experience a whole new better world going forth with your favorite messenger. But if you have to rank the features, that would stand on top of others for you, do you know?

We have set aside four features here that might strike a chord with you but of course, there can be many different ones other than these. If your choice of features is different than ours, it might be time to sit down and jot them down to ensure you understand better about them.

1. You could use the same WhatsApp across multiple devices

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After years of waiting, WhatsApp finally allows you to use the same Whatsapp on different devices. How do you do that, you must learn given it’s a very new functionality that has been introduced in Whatsapp.

  • If you want WhatsApp on a different phone, you need to start by simply downloading WhatsApp on that particular device.
  • Next, visit the screen where it asks you to enter your phone number and then click on the three dots.
  • These three dots are located on the top right corner and then from there choose the Link to existing account option.
  • Scan the QR code using your primary phone and you are all set to start using your original Whatsapp account in your new phone.

In this way, you can use a single Whatsapp account in two or more than two different devices using the same process that is described above.

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2. Editing sent Whatsapp messages

What would you not want as a WhatsApp user? There are so many times when we notice the error only when we send the messages forward. Some people do not want improperly spelled messages and wish that correcting them was an option.

Until now, you had to copy and delete the message and then paste the copied message in the blank box. The process is to be followed by opting to send it again.

But now for the first 15 minutes, you can edit your already sent message and that’s a boon since most of us read the messages soon after we send them forward.

Hold the message just long enough to open the edit option. Once edited, click on the Done tab and when you hit the tick option, the message will sit back in its message box and will show an edited option tag to the reader.

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3. Video recording mode

You couldn’t record videos earlier easily but now you can do that. 

Earlier you had to press and hold the shutter button in the camera segment of the Whatsapp to directly record audios. 

But those who want to video record now will need to use the Video recording button to be able to record the video directly.

4. Silent unknown callers

Spam calling is something we all hate and spam calls always become a jargon.

If you ever wanted spam calls could not be stopped but now it’s not so, all thanks to Whatsapp new feature.

What you need to do to set up the silence unknown caller option.

  • From Whatsapp settings visit the privacy option.
  • Next, move to the silent unknown caller tab by scrolling down to it and then toggle the switch.
  • Also, report unknown numbers to ensure they are completely blocked from WhatsApp.

These are the most useful features introduced by WhatsApp so far according to us. What are your choices? Do they differ from ours and if so, have you already used them?

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