Whatsapp now allows to record, share short video messages directly in chats

Whatsapp now has a spree of features which is getting imbibed with the chat app. We sum up all the features here for your convenience before moving ahead with the short video message feature.

Follow the below Whatsapp features to understand how it works

  • Silence unknown callers: Silencing calls from unknown numbers will now be available for all.
  • Chat Transfer option: You can transfer chats easily to your iPhone from Whatsapp now from the settings tab.
  • React in the chat: Adding and reacting with emojis in a chat will going forth be possible hereon.
  • Group call: Almost up to 15 participants, group calls can be made.
  • Edit message: If you have sent a message there is no need to delete it going ahead. All you have to do is go back and press the edit message option.
  • Chat Lock: Hide chats you don’t want others to see behind fingerprints or passcode.
  • Redesigned stickers for Whatsapp: You get to enjoy new avatars going forth with Whatsapp

What is the new short video message feature?

But this is not all where it ends. In another snippet, they revealed the video message option. Under this option, you can share short videos not more than 60 seconds with your friends and colleagues. Until now, you could record a voice message but now you can even record a video message. 

Usually, the video message is quite a significant addition as it can be useful to those who want to demonstrate or depict something.

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The process is being kept quite simple and all you need to do is visit your Whatsapp account and then from it tap on the video button. Whatever you have to show or talk about, use this space to provide the information. After finishing it will automatically be sent to the contact you have chosen. The video message will add an edge to how people use Whatsapp and it will also ensure people have the right way to communicate using voice, video, or text messages as per needs. 

The new feature has begun rolling out on 27th July 2023. It will take some more weeks to roll out the feature to the different end users. Even if you lock the phone you can record the video hands-free. If a person is on mute, the video will play automatically when the chat is opened. Video messages are also protected using end-to-end encryption.

Find out more about video messaging before you start using it on your Whatsapp and before you go on to update it.

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