WhatsApp Introduces Video Call Screensharing Feature

Whatsapp does not stop her from adding new features and the marathon continues. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that there is an arrangement of video calling currently in the app now. We all know about this option as millions of apps provide you with a video calling screen-sharing facility. We all might have used Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and Telegram for it.

What can you do with screensharing for video calls?

You can do screensharing for video calls for the following;

  • Documents
  • Photos
  • PDF files

Over the years, people have used Whatsapp from everywhere. Some people even claim if people don’t even have proper internet facilities, sometimes you can send Whatsapp messages even from the remotest locations. If that is the case and we believe in it momentarily we must also realize how Whatsapp understands this aspect. How they are trying to upgrade their services and how they are trying to develop it into one of the best user-friendly apps people will ever use here on Earth.

The developmental stage is on and several people have used it in the beta testing phase. Also with this feature you can choose if you want to share a single app or an entire screen. The best part of all of it is, all your conversations and file sharing will get end-to-end transcription support.

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But the question that stands in the way is, would Whatsapp add all these features to just make the app more and more user-friendly? Are there any other reasons for it?

Sounds like, even Whatsapp is aware of the many apps which work in many ways better than their app. If Whatsapp is to remain on top of all these competitors, it will need to give its users what others are giving combined with their best foot forward. If you closely observe Whatsapp, it is currently trying to remain in the front rows in this marathon race. They might also end up gaining some business territory given it is a very popular app to date.

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As usual, each of their features rolls out in a disciplined and phased manner and so will this. Even if you don’t see this feature right now, you will soon see it. It will be available for Android, iOS, and Windows desktop users.  Understand better what you can get with Whatsapp and explore all the features to know what you can make of your Whatsapp.

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