Latest Apple Music player from iOS 17 coming soon to Android app

Apple Music is providing some new features with Apple Music. These exciting new features are going to make some changes the way you want to use the Apple Music app.

What are the prime ones you might be excited to know about?

  • A new Now Playing interface is coming up.
  • A segment made primarily for song credits is also added. It is similar to the segment that already exists with the Apple Music Classical section. With its help, users can check artist, songwriter, and producer details when planning to listen to a song.

If Android users feel lost about it, they don’t need to be.

These same new features will be soon coming up in the Apple Music Android app. The 4.3.0 version of Apple Music player for Android is released earlier in its beta 3.0 version form. These sections will first get beta tested with the Android app.

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There are some other features which will come up with the Apple Music player.

  1. You can get hold of collaborative playlists with the new features available.
  2. When collaborative playlists are available, they can invite friends to join the playlists.
  3. Each of these friends can add a song from the originator’s playlist, remove songs if they don’t like any, and also reorder them.
  4. Using emojis to react to the tracks is also possible through the Now Playing interface option.

An animated album can now work in full screen. Due to this reason, the update will create a wonderful effect when in combination with a blurred background.

In beta 3 they have added a new songwriting segment. If you want to check for the way you want to add credits for a song, you will need to follow the below steps.

  1. First, one needs to click on the three horizontal dots to find out the songwriting segment.
  2. Next, choose the View Credits option from the dots.
  3. Check the sources that are organized into artists, songwriters, production, engineering, and lyrics.
  4. From this new segment, you can also find out if the new song is also available on Lossless and Dolby Atmos platforms.

You can join the Google Play Store to add to the beta program for getting to the Android Apple Music program if you don’t want to wait. All you need to do is join their beta program and then immediately start using the program features if that works for them better. Understand all of it before you move on to explore them.

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