Apple Settles iPhone Slowdown Lawsuit

Apple to pay up to $500 million in settlement – Lawsuit claimed older iPhones were intentionally slowed down

Landmark Settlement Announcement

– Tech giant settles with customers over iPhone slowdown – Cotchett, Pitre & McCarty confirms settlement

Court of Appeals Dismisses Appeals

– 9th Circuit U.S. Court dismisses challenges to settlement – Minimum $310 million, maximum $500 million payout

Mass Compensation for iPhone Users

– Compensation for around 100 million iPhone users – "Largest-all cash recovery" in a computer intrusion case

Allegations and Class Action Lawsuits

– 66 class action lawsuits against Apple – Allegations of deliberate battery performance slowdown

Apple's 2017 Apology and Offer

– Apple apologizes for slowing down older iPhones – Reduced price for replacement batteries

Eligibility for Settlement

– Payments for those who filed claims by Oct 2020 – Eligible phones: iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, SE, iPhone 7, 7 Plus


– Apple's settlement brings closure to iPhone slowdown issue – Compensation for eligible users, ending a legal chapter