Here’s what’s new with the Fitness app in iOS 17-Check details

With iOS 17, you will now find a new freshly designed Fitness app. It is already tuned with the Apple watch, this fitness app is designed to serve you better than the previous one.

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What can you find with the Fitness app in iOS 17, here are the main points.

  • Use your Apple watch’s tracked activity and view it using your iOS 17 device.
  • You can also find a redesigned trophy case
  • If you want to share some updates, you can use it.
  • With it, you can even get tips from your Apple fitness trainers. Weekly pointers will appear for you with a short video.
  • You will find the number of steps you’ve covered and the distance you traveled just beneath the activity rings.
  • The workout section will now appear as the History tab. It will now include mindfulness sessions and also your traditional workouts.

With all this, and more harnessing the power of the app can only bring you positive results.

Currently, Apple is beta testing iOS 17. 

If you are one of the beta testers or join them freshly, do not miss out on testing this particular app.

fitness app

Here’s how you can test the new fitness app

  1. Launch iOS 17 on your phone and then launch the new fitness app on your phone.
  2. From the summary tab available at the bottom of the screen, you can check the entire day-to-day updates. If you press the See this week’s tips, you can check out the most recent tips from the fitness trainers.
  3. Try to press the show more tab adjacent to the rewards tab to find out more about the redesigned processes.
  4. You can check the daily steps with the distance from the top of the app.
  5. The history section is a reference point for the results of your most recent workouts and also offers more about the mindfulness sessions.
  6. From the down segment, you can check on the new tips available from coaches, from the next tab follow on the trends segment, and obtain the rewards from the reward case. All these segments are available on the underside segment of the app.
  7. Use the share app to check the new experiences.
  8. Highlights are available at the top and activity ring details are available below.
  9. Click on the show more segment if you want to more about the details.
  10. There are filters as well which are available at the top and will help you view mindfulness sessions and workouts.

Rely on the fitness app more than before with all these updates streaming your life just with a single touch. People still need to wait until iOS 17 hits the shelves though.

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