How to Upgrade/downgrade planet fitness membership?

Planet fitness has a commendable chain and is spread in several places. It is at around 2000+ locations. A person can also bring a guest along with them at planet fitness. The guests can enjoy the massage chair, hydro massage, and several other things. A person can take classic membership at planet fitness for just $15 and for the Black card he/she has to spend around $24.99. 

This is an average charge, however, it might differ with the region. To get the membership, there is a contract and a person has to sign that. A person can upgrade, downgrade, pause, and cancel the membership. An individual can pause the membership if there is a need for a halt or any kind of medical emergency.

Most of the gyms provide a pause of three months, in this period the contract is not terminated but put on pause. A person can choose email, phone, DoNotPay, and in-person to call off planet fitness. A person has to pay an amount of $58 as the cancellation charges. Planet fitness does not provide the privilege of cancelation online. To know anything about the membership or for any kind of assistance, a member or a non-member can call (844) 880-7180.

How to Upgrade or downgrade planet fitness membership?

Planet fitness provides an individual an option to upgrade or downgrade the membership. This is quite an uncomplicated procedure and will not take much time. To do so a person has first to visit the location where membership is taken. There a person can visit the team member for assistance.  

The executive there can easily tell the amount that needs to be paid if there is some contract. Once, the amount is paid then the membership can be upgraded or downgraded as per the customer’s request. 

If a person wants to upgrade the planet fitness membership then the person has to choose the plan that they want to opt for. For that, an individual has to locate the planet fitness webpage and then choose the plan. For this, a Planet Fitness Keytag number is also required and a fee is also paid as per the plan. 

For the downgrade also, the person has to tell the executive about the plan that is to be changed and ask if the refund will be given back or not. If the contract is not ended then the person will not get the refund and has to pay an extra amount. 

Does it cost to downgrade planet fitness membership?

A person can easily downgrade the planet fitness membership by visiting the planet fitness where the membership is taken. Over there the staff can assist with the complete procedure. Although, there is an additional cost that a person has to pay to downgrade the planet fitness membership. 

An individual has to pay approximately $99 in case a person wants to downgrade the planet fitness membership if the person is in a contract. Planet fitness does not give back any fees at the time of cancellation, or upgrade and downgrade of the membership. 

In case a person wants to cancel the planet fitness membership then he/she has to visit the planet fitness gym and take the postal address from there and send that application to that address. In around seven days the membership is canceled. 

Can you go to any planet fitness with a classic membership?

Planet Fitness is a considerable option for those who want to take a fitness membership. There are two kinds of membership that are proffered by them. The first one is classic membership. With this membership, there are several privileges that are added such as free weights, smith machines, lockers, and also the showers. 

However, if a person wants to go to some other planet fitness then that is not provided. To get so an additional franchise fee is to be paid to get at that particular planet fitness. In case a person travels a lot then it is better to go ahead with the black card membership. With the black card membership, there are no extra charges that are to be paid to get into any other branch of planet fitness membership. 

Both black card membership and classic membership do not give multiple times entry at the gym so if a person wants that then he/she can go with any kind of planet fitness membership.


Is it easy to downgrade your planet fitness membership?

This is an uncomplicated process and a person just has to talk to a member at planet fitness to make a change to the membership at planet fitness. 

How much does it cost to downgrade your planet fitness membership?

There is an amount of $99 that is to be paid if a person is in contract and wishes to downgrade the membership of planet fitness.