Google Messages Now Uses End-to-End Encryption by Default

Many applications all over the world use end-to-end encryption services like Signal, Telegram, Whatsapp, and even Apple’s imessaging section. For Google, it will be done for the first time. Google messages are encrypted and they plan to bring end-to-end encryption.

However, this facility sadly won’t be available when chatting from an Android device to an Apple device. The reason behind it is that Apple is using the iMessage platform as its main messaging device. Thus, when messaging between an iPhone and an Android device, it is best to use a third-party app. People can use end-to-end encryption facilities when messaging single receivers or even multiple receivers.

How can you use end-to-end encryption facilities?

  1. Both people must use the Messages app
  2. On your side, if you are initiating a chat, you need to turn on your RCS (rich communication services) chat option.
  3. You can use data or Wi-Fi for the RCS messaging feature.

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What must you know when messaging using Google Messages?

google chat
  • When it’s light blue color, you are using the SMS/MMS option.
  • If your text messages are dark blue, then you are using the RCS option.
  • For general conversations, end-to-end encryption is possible automatically.
  • When using the RCS platform, you will get a banner that reads [lock sign] Chatting with (name/ phone number of the recipient) for active end-to-end encryption.
  • When messaging, your messages will also incorporate a lock sign near the send button.
  • The timestamp of such messages will also have a lock sign 77.

What does end-to-end messaging in general mean?

  1. When you send a message, it will remain in only two devices.
  2. The message encrypted in this case will not be shared with anyone not even Google.
  3. The secret key number is generated separately for each number.
  4. When a message leaves a sender’s device, the secret key is deleted from it and when the message is decrypted by the receiver, the secret key is removed from the receiver’s device.

E2E encryption for 1:1 messaging was launched in June 2021 and E2EE beta testing began this January. You cannot even disable it as it will remain an integral part of your messaging services.

Google is pushing to incorporate encrypted messages in an attempt to get the biggest phone industries on board with RCS. As people grew their needs so did the expansions happen with phone-making companies. Apple came up with iMessage services in 2011 to enable the passing of larger files and messages through their servers. They incorporated SMSes and iMessage services under their encrypted services.

RCS is something that Google, Samsung, and other phone carriers have already adopted. If you want to use their feature for encryption, you will need to start using their new messaging platform.

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