Whatsapp to soon let you send HD quality videos

We all are always on Whatsapp, isn’t it?

Sending videos, and photos and chatting, texting, and video calling continuously, that’s how we survive in today’s world. We are sending innumerable documents using Whatsapp and also sending an enormous number of videos and audio files.

The best part of Whatsapp is that they have made everything free, without spending a dime; you can reach out to the world in no time from anywhere and everywhere. But Whatsapp is known to compress files automatically and this very process reduces the video quality immensely.

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What do you do if someone asks you for a video of HD quality through Whatsapp?

You would have to send it as a document in that case surely.

Right now, Whatsapp allows you to send documents of 100MB size.

Thus, users are exploring and exploiting this feature simultaneously to send their images and high quality videos.

But what if someone told you Whatsapp is getting better? Now, Whatsapp is bringing a change. Would you not be excited to hear in which way it would be getting better for you?

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Whatsapp began testing HD quality videos for Android users.

It has already tested HD quality photos for users and has already rolled it out, a huge change from the previous image compression process that was primarily used to save data and storage.

With your videos too, you will see two options: standard quality and high definition.

The default you use already is known as the standard quality.

The other option is to go for the high definition option.

It is being noted that although Whatsapp allows you to send a video of high quality, they still compress it slightly which means you don’t still get the original version but yet you have a much superior quality than normal.

Spot the difference between standard and HD quality video!

Standard quality videos come at 416 x 880 pixels which comes upto a size of 6.3MB.

For an HD quality video, it can extend upto 608 x 1296 pixels which means your video can be 12MB in size. It also means sending large files takes longer time and takes up more space and data.

If you want to know which phones can access the latest videos, you must know it is the Android updated phone. Those who are currently using the Whatsapp beta program can use this current version to look out for the most recent feature.

If you have read the whole article here, you must be wondering how you can recognize an HD quality video.

It’s simple as Whatsapp has already thought about it.

When you receive the video, it will already be marked as an HD quality tag. In this way, you will be able to distinguish between an HD quality videos from a standard quality videos in Whatsapp.

Hope we all soon get to enjoy this feature as it can ease our lives far more!

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