Safe Entry QR Code System Singapore App [Updated]

In this article, I will tell you what is safe entry QR code Singapore. Govt. of Singapore has launched a mobile application to restrict the moment of people in malls, business places, companies, parks, or other public places.

The name of this application is the Singapore SafeEntry app or its Trending COVID 19 app right now.

The app is available on the play store for android users. And it’s mandatory for every Singapore residence.

Explore this article to know everything about this app like how to use the safe entry app and its QR code.

Safe Entry QR code App Details

App NameSafeEntry
Current VersionLatest
Ratings4.3 stars
Android Required5.1 and up
safe entry app download

Now, before visiting or exiting from any public place in Singapore. You need a Qr code from App Safe Entry. Without scanning this code, you can’t visit any public places. It is mandatory from 12 May.

How to get a Safe Entry QR code?

singapore covid19 app

For this, you need to download the safe-entry android application or coronavirus Singapore app.

In this app, you will get a QR code that, you need to scan while entering or exiting from any public place.

This app will keep the record of your travel history, time of entering or exiting from any place, Your Name, Mobile Number, Address.

Don’t worry all your data will be safely stored on cloud servers. And only the authorized person has the right to access this data.

This will help the govt. to keep track of everyone to control the spread of coronavirus in Singapore.

Download Safe Entry QR Code System Singapore App

safe entry singapore app

Govt. has requested everyone to install or safe entry app download on a mobile phone.

After installing the app, you will see the safe entry QR code option. So, whenever, you go to any public place. Open this QR Code and they will scan it.

And you can enter public places. Also, while exiting, again open this QR code to scan.

This is for the record that when you entered the place and how much time you spent there.

App Features

  • It’s Very Easy to Install and Use
  • Very Light Weight Application. You can easily install it on your device.
  • Takes Care of your Privacy and Personal Data
  • After installation, follow the instruction on your screen.
  • Safe entry zones to Brainstem

So, guys, this is all about the QR Code Safe Entry download | Trending app.

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