Telegram to Introduce Instagram-like Stories Feature in July

We all are aware of Instagram and Whatsapp stories and so are those using Snapchat. We love to just not post but also put stories that run for 24 hours. What can you do with Telegram? Can you put stories on it as well? The answer is a nodding no.

But then things change as does life. People will soon be able to put stories on their Telegram profiles and that has come as a surprise for many who till now believed Telegram to be an official platform. A rather somber platform that is explored primarily to maintain and upkeep business relations!

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But putting stories! Does it make the platform unofficial? No, not. Rather, it helps to add some variety to it and your life daily. After all, why shouldn’t we share our happiness with the world?

Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov announced recently that from this month onwards individuals can post stories on Telegram as they can do on other platforms. He further stated they wanted to provide granular privacy control to people using Telegram for different operations.

The Telegram stories would not also take up huge screen space. Users are allowed to post photos and videos they take using their front and back cameras. Posting videos and photos taken with either the front or back cameras is the same as the video messages feature present in the app.

Going forth, you will be able to post photos and videos. But will you be able to hide it from people you don’t want the video or photo to be shown?

The answer to this question is a firm yes for Telegram bringing Instagram like Stories.

How can you hide your stories from a person?

You can do it by adding the individual’s name to the hidden list present in the contacts section.

Wow! Now, you can share your life with more people.

Granular control will involve sharing your story with people of your choice from your Telegram list.

Is there any difference in the way your stories appear on Telegram?

The difference with Instagram is that stories on Instagram disappear in just 24 hours. But Telegram has gone a step ahead and given an option to users to choose 6, 12, 24, 48 hours or permanent display.

You can keep the permanent display option which means your profile will show up forever.

Simultaneously, you can also choose from 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours for your Telegram stories.

If you are excited about it, go ahead and wait to try it. Find out what is possible and what you can do with your Telegram stories.

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