Guard Credit Loan App User Reviews [Real or Fake?]

What is Guard credit loan app?

Are you looking for quick loans? If Yes, then you may have heard about Guard Credit Loan app. But do you know everything about the app. If your answer is No, then don’t worry because today we are going to discuss about the latest loan app i.e. “Guard Credit Loan App”. Is this app is Legit? Should you take loan from it? You will get answers to all of your questions below. So keep reading until the end before making a decision to buy a loan from them.

Loan AmountRs. 5000- Rs.70,000
Loan Period90 days to 240 days
Interest Rate Annually14%
Daily Interest rate0.04%

Guard Credit loan App Real or Fake?

The credit loan app is in doubtful circumstances as people don’t know if the app is real or fake. The app is pretty new but people are pointing to the following factors.

Several doubtful factors surrounding the app include;

  • CIBIL score is not necessary
  • The founder of the Credit loan app is not known.
  • There is no proper customer care service with the credit app company.
  • There is no certification or licensing for the app
  • Social media accounts are not available for the Guar Credit loan app.
  • Reviews are very bad; loan application information is not available with NBFC.

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Complete Detailed User Reviews about the Fraud

The reviews related to the app is not so good. Some of its users reported the problems that they have faced with the app. Below we have given some of the reviews of its users. Read them before making a decision

  1. Rohit Negi got money (2,100 Rs) three times without asking for it on August 18, 2023. He did a smart thing by telling the police about it.
  2. Sourav got 2,100 Rs two times, just like Rohit did.
  3. Arvind Rawat got some money he didn’t ask for and paid even more back. But he’s still getting asked for more money through another app.
  4. Purushottam Ambawade got 2,100 Rs three times, and he got messages on WhatsApp, but he didn’t pay attention to them.
  5. Lipsa Moharana got really upset. She said two people threatened her and sent her bad pictures. They even said they would change her photos and show them to her family. She has some voice messages and pictures as proof.
  6. Yogesh Kumar had the same problem as the others.
  7. Rupali Mole said that she got 2,100 Rs in her account without asking for it. She gave the money back, but now someone is calling her on WhatsApp and threatening her. She told the police about it.

Many of the app users have faced the problems. The most common is that they send the money even if you don’t ask them. After that, they blackmail you and threaten you to return money. But the problem is even if you return money they will ask you more n more. So, it’s better to stay away from such apps and keep yourself safe. There are many news regarding these chinese apps are already circulating. You can search more about them on Google by searching the “Chinese loan apps fraud”. You will get plenty of news regarding this.

How to download & Install Guard Credit loan App?

Certain sites are allowing people to download and install the Loan app. You must download the apk file of the app, run it on your system and then wait for the installation to complete.

For those who have Android devices must permit downloading of apps from third-party stores.

Visit the following options to make your choices: Settings> Security>check or toggle the switch which allows you to download the apps from third party stores.

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Can you really get loan from Guard Credit loan App?

As per claims, you will not need the CIBIL scores and yet get a quick loan facilitated without delay.

Those who want to take a loan from them must note they will need to repay the loan within the stipulated period.

Customer Service Number

The customer service number for the Guard credit loan app is 7865998681 and 9134205693.

 If you call them, you might not reach them readily but if you do, you must be able to solve your queries and questions.


Find out more about the Guard Credit Loan app from this article. If you don’t want to drop into a soup, you can resort to getting the right information about the app before you make anything out of it. Knowing the right things might prevent you from falling prey to unnecessary or irrelevant hassles or hazards.

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