Tesla’s Latest iOS Update: Siri Can Now Lock Your Doors!

What does Tesla do?

We all know but then to recapitulate they bring to you the most advanced cars!

But not just that, they also bring you the most advanced apps to control their most advanced vehicles.

The recent update of the Tesla app, version 4.24.0 showed us what you can do when Siri is by your side- lock doors, open doors of your car, and just not that. You can do a lot more with the help of the apps going forth.

The updated version reads- Use the Apple shortcuts app to navigate successfully through your vehicle’s controls and climate news.

But to know what you can do, you might want to read this article for more information.

As Apple takes Tesla slowly under its wings, you see new changes coming up with the apps.

Here are the changes that are happening with the Tesla iOS app.

This is what you must know is happening to the Tesla iOS app tagged with Apple.

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  • Integrate and converse with Siri to lock and unlock your doors remotely.
  • Begin and cease charging your vehicles
  • Start preconditioning and stopping it when needed.
  • Start or stop sentry/dog mode and in this mode, the AC will keep on functioning even when you leave the car unattended.
  • Control some basic functions of your car using the iPhones.

Apple Music is now available on the Tesla app and is proof of how Apple is incepting Tesla into them. Airplay code is also available on Tesla through an iOS Tesla app update. We all are aware of Airplay functions but then to remind you of it we must say it would include- streaming audio, photos, video, and even other kinds of content wirelessly onto larger screens. They will no longer need to rely on Bluetooth for playing their music rather going forth they will be able to depend on the Airplay app.

There are two apps of Tesla on the Apple appstore- Tessie and Watch app for Tesla and both are paid apps.

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These apps allowed you to use Siri Shortcuts to regulate your Tesla vehicle effortlessly. But then it was a paid service. Those who did not want to pay these extra charges must now be happy as the Tesla app will now go forth all the convenience task offers and all these services for free.

To regulate tasks Siri has to perform, the Shortcuts app will help users with both readymade and custom shortcuts.

If you own a Tesla vehicle, you might want to start using all the features immediately.

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