How to USE Tesla App 4.0 on Android & iOS/iPhone [2024]?

Tesla 4.0 app enables direct communication between the owner or driver and the vehicle. There is a lot of stuff that can be easily done using the Tesla app. Some examples would be; 

  • Managing the locking device of your vehicle, 
  • Locating the vehicle
  • Observing its direction
  • Managing the panoramic roofs 
  • Powerwall engagement through the use of the app

The newest version of the Tesla app is making rounds. A lot of changes have come up with this version.

How to use tesla app 4.0?

tesla 4.0 app android update

The first step towards using the app would be downloading it. When you download the app, connect it to the Powerwall or your car by using your email address and password.

There are several functions that can be controlled using the Tesla application 4.0. While using the app few essential functions are being mentioned below.

  • Charging can be scheduled with the app. Select a time to schedule the charging.
  • Navigate by using the maps and direction units provided by it.
  • Driving modes can be used by activating the drive mode option.
  • By tapping on the power tab, you can switch it off anytime.
  • You have three options for putting a brake on your car- Creep roll and hold. Choose your way before bringing the car to a stop.
  • Wi-Fi connections are easy to establish. Simply choose the Wi-Fi tab from the app, choose the network and add the password. You’re all set to use the Wi-Fi on your device.

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Latest Features

  • Commands can be sent to the app soon after opening it.
  • Manage and view your orders placed on the Tesla catalog using the app. This facility or provision is available only in chosen countries.
  • If you wish to call your car, you can do so easily. Summoning the car becomes easy with the app in place.

How to download tesla app 4.0 on Android?

Google Playstore is the best place for downloading the Tesla app. Search for the current version in store for you- Tesla app version 4.0.

How to install tesla app 4.0 on iOS?

Take the Tesla version 4.0 app from the Apple AppStore. If you were not using the Tesla application to date, you can start with version 4.0 of the application. But if you’re using the app, then update your app with the current version.

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