Automatically Block WhatsApp Spam: Quick How-To

Spam calls are a nuisance we all faced in our lives with our phones. Most have used Whatsapp and spam calls are a general norm even with it. People need to block spam calls and several phone models have several options. You can block or blacklist a number, according to some phones.

Whatsapp is one of the many messaging apps people are using today and receiving spam

 Calls and messages are also quite obvious a response. Given our numbers are scattered across the globe most of the time. But if some spam call reaches you, it does not mean you have to respond to it. You have to call them back. 

If you want to block Whatsapp spam messages and calls, is there a way to do so?

What can you do with this new Whatsapp feature?

Most people would say there is no way to block spam messages. But blocking spam calls is possible now. Although we all have been harassed several times, it wouldn’t be too late to say spam calls can be blocked here too right now.

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It actually will silence unknown calls which means you can see the callers from the caller list and if you happen to know them, you can give them a callback. It is good thinking as sometimes what we consider spam might turn out to be important calls that we need to focus on.

But how do you do it? 

How do you block spam on Whatsapp especially calls?

We would show you how you can do it through some steps given here.

  • From your Whatsapp head to the Settings tab and then move onto the Privacy segment.
  • Click on the Calls option, and then turn on the toggle that says silence, unknown callers.

Only by doing this much, you can turn it on and by turning it on, you can rest mentally.

This particular feature will although not block unknown people from messaging you. When turned on, it will only block unknown callers and not unknown messaging. You will still need to block them one at a time. 

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This Whatsapp feature for silencing unknown calls is available and works the same way on both iOS and Android phones. There was an increase in the number of spam calls in India from Whatsapp and the Ministry of IT and Electronics Rajeev Chandrasekhar raised the matter with Whatsapp.

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